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Thread: vs WE or OK

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    vs WE or OK

    To avoid two threads, i decided to combine these.

    My friends are starting warhammrer, one is getting back into Ogres and the other is starting wood elves and is fond of a Drycha list. I have no problem facing special characters as long as i know what to do. As I have little or no expierience against those armies, advice would be nice.

    If a Million Guardsmen die, that's a statistic. If one marine dies, that's a tragedy.

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    Baicaly, using daemons you should be ablde to walk all over the wood elves. All your attacks are magical which negates the "forest sprit" ward save leaving them just thier armour to save them. Tactic wise just be aware of units trying to pull you into woods so you get stuck, and also of multiple units charginf you from all sides.

    Ogres, can hit hard but are realy struggling at the moment due to the difficulty of getting combat res other than from wounds they cause. With a movement of 6 they are also surprisingly fast so try march blocking them with furries. Just watch out for there magic as it to can be surprisingly anoying so just check exactly what each spell does as it is cast.

    Unless you have an idea already for your force i think in both cases 2 unit of 5 warhounds if not 3 will be your best friends. Fast moving and hard hitting they will take down almost anything especialy if use together on units. Against ogres and tree men the character skull taker is also amazing, as in a challenge he can killing blow ALL sized models and is a monster in combat. i have seen this guy in a unit of horrors get charged by a unit of 8 blood knights, all the horrors popping but then in subsequent turns he has killed all the remaining knights.

    If you want a fun list i sugest a theme, based around 1 or 2 gods which will still preform extremely well, but will not be the uber cheesse lists that consist of 3-4 units of warhounds and horror units making up all the core.

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    Both have very little armor, so stuff like flamers are pretty good.

    Nurgle daemons are what I play so I'll give you tips on what to do.

    GUO- good against Ogres b/c of the balesword. They have little armor and multiple wounds. The balesword will on average kill 2 a turn. You can easily outnumber and autobreak them (I think). Against w/e this guy is better off more casty. The WEs have lame toughness so your spells should tear them apart. A GUO with Staff and Trappings is good here (they have no WMs and I don't know of any flaming attacks)

    Plaguebearers- They can hold up big guys like ogres and poison will really hurt them. Against WEs run them with a herald and keep them stuck, just watch out if they try to kite you around. The herald should have a staff.

    Nurglings- They do nothing

    Beasts- The high attacks and poisoned will hurt those ogres and they're pretty tough anyway,

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