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    New to chaos agian, Looking for pointers

    Hello, I use to play demons back when it was under one list. I recently bought the new codex and it looks pretty good. I hear alot of people call it a cheesy army, so I was wondering what people consider cheese about it? Is it certain combos? or just a certain whole list in general? Is it a certain god? or god mix? All in all I havent tested any of the new stuff and I was wondering if there are any special/rares that are "better" point for point/usefullness then others. This is all just on opinion of course and hoping that those opinions are backed with some experience on using the models.
    Main reason I want to know is cause they are still pretty expensive even though most are plastic and I don't wanna buy crap I wont use type of deal.
    I was leaning towards a khorne/slanesh army. I play too much magic with my other armies so I wanted to stay clear.
    Im looking for a very fast list, something that will cross the board on turn 2 or 3 for blocks.
    So I was thinking something like Bloodthirster, flesh hounds, furies, the rare juggernaut things. For blocks I was thinking maybe some slannesh, or instead of the hounds or juggies, I use some mounted slannesh. Any ideas?

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    I am starting up daemons as well, and from what I can tell it is considered "cheesy" or "broken" because almost all of the entries in the ARMY BOOK are both individualy powerful and then synergise with each other rediculously well.

    If two players go up against each other, both are equally skilled, and both have decently built lists, if one plays daemons than that player has the upper hand.

    As far as individual units in the ARMY BOOK, as far as I can gather these are the most popular (effective) choices. (barring special characters)

    Lord- Greater Daemon of any flavor
    Hero- It really depends on what core you take, however many lists take some flying heralds of tzeentch regardless of that for magic.
    Core- Again, any of the choices are good and get better with a herald, however from what I have read, daemonettes are the least taken core choice.
    Special- Hounds, Hounds, and more Hounds
    Rare- Flamers , with the nurgle rare a distant second.

    This is all from what I have read around the forums though as I have yet to actually finish buying my army.
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