so we here have a group of friends planning on starting an escalation league/ campaign and right now there is a de going missle heavy a VC mixing it up with ghouls and dire wolves an empire with a cannon and some great swords lizardmen with 3 groups of 10 saurus a warriors of chaos with 10 warriors 20 marauders and 5 or 10 hounds of chaos and maybe a beastmen player... we are starting off with 500 and jumping up every month by 250 my list so far is 2 units of ten bloodletters a unit of 10 horrors and a herald of khorne... just wondering if anyone has an opinion of my list or stratigies that may help at 750 i plan on joining the 2 units of khorne into one (they are seperate now cause apparently you need atleast 3 units) adding some flammers i'm thinking and maybe a unit of 10 plague bearers (depending on points) at 1000 a herald of tzeentch and plague bearers for sure then at some point seekers for warmachine hunting a unit of 10 flesh hounds and a greater deamon of tzeentch at 2000 any advice or anything would greatly be appreciated