Experienced Daemon 40K player - new to the Warhammer 8th ed. Whats good and bad?? - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Experienced Daemon 40K player - new to the Warhammer 8th ed. Whats good and bad??

    Ive been a Daemon 40k player ever since the new codex came out and have aquired about 5000 Pts (40k points) of daemons. Ive been waiting for the new 8th ed to hit the shelves before I started playing Warhammer, and now that its here, it time to give it a go.

    So, what do you suggest? What units are good and bad. Which units are the game winners and which should I leave at home. Besides the stat lines from the codex (which I have) how does the army function as a whole. Remember, I dont have a single warhammer game under my belt, but I have probably 30+ 40k games under my belt, and winning with them has never been a problem.

    Also please tell me that my 10 Chaos furies might actully get played in this game.. Cause they dont in 40K!!!!!

    NECRON Army List Builder a Free excel capable list generator for 5th and 6th ed. 11/2011
    Necrons - 6000 points, Tau - 6000, Daemons - 5250, Eldar - 4500, Blood Angels - 5000
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    Well daemons are one of the strongest armies in fantasy, so you should be solid with almost any build with them. A few notes for some of the units that I have.

    Bloodletters are great melee units, and even better with a herald. (I like 23 with herald, banner of endless war and musician, generally if you give the herald armor of khorne he can survive just fine with out a champion.)

    Pink Horrors are great although in the new edition I find you only really need one unit of them and for the most part the bigger the better. (40+ of them in a block with the changeling, musician and banner of sorcery [+1 cast] then add a herald with master of sorcery and take lore of life.)

    Flamers are great and excel in units of 5-6.

    All the other unit are pretty solid at what they do but I find you should have the above units in almost every list.
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