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    Having great trouble against a certain Daemonsetup. Help me please!

    There is this combination of items and units in the Daemon arsenal which focusses on bringing the enemy leadership to a minimum. Here, im specifically thinking of the Icon of Great Despair, which gives -2 to Leadership to everyone within a 12" radius. Then there is the Lore of Death (or is it shadows? cant remember), which lets you nerf an enemy unit's LD. On top of that, in our local playing community we're usually using named heroes aswell (as long as its not a tournament at least), and the Masque of Slaanesh is capable of bringing your LD down another d3.
    In total that potentially 8 less LD you'll get. Which is quite disturbingly small amount of LD. Even the toughest units will autobreak here when under this effect, and you cant really seem to do anything about is. I mean, you can only dispel the spell, right. The Masque and the Icon cannot be dispelled or anything.

    So, coupled with one or two units of Flamers (which are so OP, they f**** destroy everything), the Daemonplayer will either be able to slaughter a smaller unit within 6", or atleast be able to inflict 25% of damage on the particular unit, almost certainly causing it to flee from the game.

    Using this tactic once or twice, the Daemons will be far, far ahead, and you'll really have a hard time coming back into the game. And as I see it there is really no countering it.
    I mean, sure, if you're somehow immune to psychology, but then he'll just hit you somewhere else, where you arent immune. I've played against this army with my Warriors of Chaos and my Empire army, and both of those suffered a humiliating defeat, but I cant really see any other armies (well, other than VC and T having an easy time with this setup.

    All that being said, that particular player is better than me. He deploys better and he has a far better understanding of where to hit and when, so I dont think I'll ever really win against him, but atleast I'd like your help.

    How do you counter something like that?

    - Tash

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    With Chaos Warriors, you just need to use Mark of Slaanesh. It's not exactly optimal, but if you're tired of being panicked off the board, it'll make your unit immune to panic, fear, and terror.

    With Empire, I'd just try and shoot down the unit with the banner of despair (or the flamers) as quickly as possible.
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