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    Ok Daemons Fantasy, what do you have for me....

    Friends of mine want to get into Fantasy after years of 40k. I personally have played Chaos Daemons in 40k for about a year and a half now. So we have he rulebook, I have the fantasy codex and we are ready to play for the first time in a about a week or two. I have no clue about what is about to happen. As far as I know, we will be playing an every man for himself 3 man battle and I will be facing High Elves and Tomb Kings (as far as I know). Not a clue on how many points we will play either, but I expect 1500 or 2000 to start. I have the following models: 1- Bloodthrister, 1- GUO, 2- Daemon Princes, 2- Chariots of Tzeentch, Skulltaker, Masque, 5- Flamers, 5- Fiends, 2- Beasts of Nurgle, 17- Bloodletters, 10- Daemonettes, 10- Plaguebearers (including the command squad), 16- Pink Horrors and a Soul Grinder which isn't used in Fantasy. I even have a Fateweaver coming soon. I don't need to know a list idea, just which units are stud and duds, plus any tips you can give me.

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    I would suggest 2 way battles until you get the rules down. Ive played about 8 games thus far with fantasy and heres what I've learned. Bloodthirster owns any other non character models, but you cant play him until higher level points. Daemon princes are generaly overpriced. Your 5 flamers will rock. Fiends rock, and even Flesh hounds rock. The core choices are generaly solid. Others have bashed the plague bearers, but ive found them at least viable. Bloodletters are better.

    Masque is too fragile, as she can be shot at on her own.

    Large blocks are the key ive found, with a herald to enhance everyones abilities.
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    most pink/blue and red stuff rocks, except the big bird. Go with KoS or Bloodthirster.

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