hey all
im just restarded playing warhammer fantasy after a break of 6 years.
i thought i play a new army called Daemons of Chaos.

i both a couple of daemons from a former player.
and i wanted to make a list for i have a battle against skaven. upcommin saterday.

i have the following

Keeper of secrets
Deamon prince of khorne
2x deamon prince

heroes :
1x herald of tzeentch
1x herald of khorne
1x herald of khorne on juggernaut
3x herald of slaanesh

25x bloodletters + command
20x daemonettes + command (x3)
10x pink horrors

Special :
10x fleshhounds
6x screamers
12x seekers

rare :
1x beast
5x bloodcrushers
6x flamers
4x fiends

i do know what my opponent has of skaven
1x assasin, 1x engeineer, 2x 40 clanrats + command, 15 gutter runners, 20 plauge monks + command, hell pit abomination, warplightning cannon, 2x weaponm team, 2x rat ogre + 1 pack master

so whats the best way to make an army against this
also i have another opcumming battle against another skaven player

i hope you'll be able to help me out

Thx ya'all