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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainSarathai
    This post was written in order to answer a question from a new player. It is a very brief, but very solid response and could be used in place of a tactica. Although I would like to see it expanded into a full tactica, I am still going to stick this for any new Daemon players to take a look.
    Ok, lets do this:
    bloodthirster: not much experience, but obsidian armour is amazing. Not many lords can take a beating from the bloodthirster in combat without their magic stuff, and a 3+/5++ is nice. Be careful, send it in with another unit to help because other wise it will lose to the combat res from banner+ranks, and that is how you lose wounds in combat when you are playing daemons.
    Skarbrand: over priced bloodhirster giving enemies hatred, no thanks. I don't recommend him, the only thing he really has going for him are the axes, but take awesome strength and you will be skarbrand, only cheaper.
    lord of change probably one of the worst lords we have. A lvl 2 wizard for 450pts,then you need to spend more for upgrades and gifts. Heralds are better for the points or just take karios.
    Karios: Either the best or second best caster in the game depending on who you are talking to. 14 spells, choosing 8, +6 to cast and re-roll a die per turn. Lets not forget that he can fly. keep out of combat, but take him if you are going for the win. I don't recommend in a friendly game because your opponent usually gets mad when you rip his army apart with magic.
    Great Unclean Ones (GUO): 10 wounds of goodness. Whatever you want he gives. Balesword and flail to kill monsters, magic and toxic fumes for hoards, there is a GUO for every situation. The only downside is that he can't put out much attacks, so if you are playing a hoard that gets lucky you could lost to combat res if you roll bad for your leadership.
    Ku'GathBig, fat expensive stone thrower. I can see that GW was maybe trying to make a 'all around' daemon that can shoot, magic and still be good in combat but what he turned out to be is a pile of points for a fancy monster that sits, throws nurglings and needs a diet.
    keeper is secretsI didn't think that he was good until i tried the spirit swallower. 6 attacks, reroll failed hits against almost everything, -4 to armour saves, then thunderstomp, all while being healed for each wound caused. Once again, don't go running into combat without backup because you will probably lost to combat res

    khorne heralds: Firestorm blade and armour. Probably the best loadout for them and definitly a great hero. In a unit of bloodletters, he is very nice. Skulltaker is amazing, but use him wisly. Too many people get angry when you run cheese like him. If you run him, putting him in a unit of plaugeberares with re-roll banner makes for a character killing machine. And although he is a 'herald' in fluff, the hatred does not benifit the unit also like a regular khorne herald.
    tzeentch herald. Master of sorcory(MOS) is a must. A whole lore for 25pts gives lots of choice. Give either dispell scroll, wings(for marching 20" and casting), or flames if in a flamer unit. I usually take 1 with MOS and flames, with the lore of light. Light gives lots of buffs to our core units and can make them almost unstoppable.

    bloodletters: Bloodletters are our best core. For 12 points, they are a bargan. Give augment spells from lore of light or life and they become a killing machine, plus banner for extra D6" on the charge can mean combat by turn 2.
    Plaugbearers: Plauebearers are a well rounded unit. High toughness and poisoned means they can both give and take a beating. A herald gives 4+regen, and this makes them even harder to kill. Low I value means that expect to have die before they attack, and pit of shades will really mess them up.
    Daemonettes:Daemonettes are our answer against hoares and elves with low toughness and increased numbers. I usually avoid them because i play mostly elite armies (treeman, ogres and chaos warriors)that have not as many models with a higher toughness and armour. It doesn't matter how many attacks you get when you don't wound and they save the little you do.
    horrors: Horrors are an extra wizard. Don't spend too many points of them because they are not worth it. Drop like flies in combat and don't do much damage back. I like to take a squad of 10 in larger games for when my main wizard fails to dispel, and as a unit he can hide in.
    Furies:I think furies are hopeless. Never take any except if your list revolves around them. low leadership makes for a need to be near the general, and arn't good enough for small flankers, or large hordes.

    Hounds love them. S5, T4 with 2 wounds are amazing. Run them as flankers and they can rip apart other flankers or archers/war machines. Also, they don't die. I've had them charge a 20 man chaos warrior squad with 10 hounds and emerge winning. And a collar means a 2++ against damage spells.
    screemers avoid them. Their slashing attacks are never effective enough to do much, and they suck at combat. Never take them unless you are fitting them into a furies-based list.
    SeekersIn smaller games i run a squad to take care of archers and war machines. Fast, and can deny stand and shoot with the banner. They will usually strike first and can eat apart machines

    BloodcrushersBloodcrushers can be taken in larger units for a turn 2 charge against a smaller enemy unit, or in smaller units for machine/wizard hunting. Really lots of versatility here.
    FlamersFlamers are godly. Good place to hide a herald of tzeentch, and use them to kill smaller units that are running, soften up a hoard of infantry or archers/machine hunters. I like a unit of 6 with the herald, giving 7D6 shots and a safe place for the herald to hide and cast spells, probably the best of our rare.
    Nugle BeastsBeasts of nurgle are good. Relativly fast, high T and D6 attacks makes for a good bogging unit or a flank charger, probably the worst of our rare, but still a good unit when comparing it to other armies.
    Fiends Fiends are fun. March turn 1, charge flanks turn 2, kill machines or archers. Really a cheep, well-balanced unit that will kill many smaller things before they strike back.

    Effective daemon armies are based on combat. If you can turn 2 charge it is preferred, turn 3 or 4 at the latest, depending how far back the opponent is placed. As tempting as it may be to run all horrors for magic, it doesn't work well. In the new rules, magic and shooting are weaker due to the fact that you can get into combat turn 3. This means that your direct damage spells will only have 2-3 turns of effectiveness. After that, a magic heavy army of daemons will be ripped apart. I learned the hard way not to invest too much into magic. I am in no way saying that damage spells are not good, just make sure you have some combat to back them up.

    Feel free to post comments, questions or more advice.

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    I concur on all accounts except Furies. I use them only because I have them, they cost me good money, and they are quite capable of doing the same job as Flyers in other armies: War Machine/Wizard hunters. They also do a reasonable job as a disposable skirmish screen.

    On a similar heading, I would never have considered using Daemonettes in an FB army. It just goes to show. Please note that this post takes nothing away from the excellent job @thatrandomguy has done with his work above.
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