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    Need Advice on 750 list

    Wondering how solid my current list for a 750 point Daemon army need all advice possible thanks.

    20x Bloodletter of Khorne

    1x Skulltaker

    5x Flamers of Tzeentch

    3x Flesh Hounds

    1x Karanak

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    First of all, 3 flesh hounds is illegal, min of 5 for a unit.
    160 points freed up from that. I would suggest to drop skulltaker for a herald of khorne with firestorm and armour o khorne. He is S7, still flaming, with a 3+ armour. The bloodletters will get hate which will make them even more dangerous, and i think this is a better idea over skulltaker. This frees up another 20pts, 180 total now free.
    With the points, i would suggest a command for the bloodletters, at a minimum a banner. Full command and icon of endless war for the extra d6" charge leaves 135. The icon is not needed but i always find that getting in faster is better because less damage from shooting. I would suggest the other points be spent on either horrors for a wizard to dispel, or some plauge bearers. I don't really know what other armies have at this low points so i don't know what would be a better choice.
    The flamers are good, and will probably be devistating at the low points, i know that a unit of 6 in a 3000 point game is something to be feared, so a unit of 5 in 750 should be godly.

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