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    1000pt Friendly List

    Well I've been wanting to test out a list that incorporates Corsairs (even though 90% of my friends that i play with say they arent worth it). Hope you enjoy this read.
    The List

    Noble - 158
    Crimson Death; Talisman of Protection; Cold One; Heavy Armour; Sea Dragon Cloak
    My noble set-up is based off the magic item combo thread started by Manu_Forti, however I've put my own little twist onto it. If played right, nothing will be in range to be able to Attack my Noble in C.C. Also, being on a Cold One, there is always that off chance he will cause Fear to a unit he is charging or getting charged by! When it come to C.C. and challenges he should be able to hold is own with a 1+ armour save and a 6+ ward save. When it comes to killing, his 3 STR6 attacks in Int. order sure do help.

    Sorceress - 187
    Darkstar Cloak; Power Stone; Dark Steed; Magic Level 2
    Sorceress is there to keep units for shooting not being able to shoot by using Chill Wind and Word of Pain(if im able to roll for it). If i do not obtain Word of Pain, she will have the power dice to get off her magic missles or maybe even Black Horror! Also, she was given the Dark Steed so that she can either join the Dark Riders unit or join the Corsairs unit and have SOME sort of save. (Should i swap Dark Steed out for 1 extra corsair?)

    Core Units
    20 Corairs - 235
    Full Command
    I included 20 bc they give a good defense against shooting (including magic) so they can somewhat soak up the hits. I will be using them in a 6x3 formation with my Noble on the cold one in them, giving them a 3-4 man buffer zone aganist shooting and magic to keep that 3rd rank. The champion was included so that if i feel like my Noble cannot stand toe to toe which anothe Hero in a challenge, i have him to fall back onto.

    5 Dark Riders - 127
    Repeating Crossbows; Muscian
    I included this unit of 5 because they bring versatilty to my army. I can either use them to run arond shooting at units (with their 10 shots and 6 shots from a RBT, can maybe kill enough for a panic test), march blocking units, or taking out my enemy's War Machines. They can also charge units into the flank that are going into my Corsairs to create for CR. And the 3rd option i have to play these guys is the good ole bait and switch combo. Either bait units into my CoK who can hold their own head on with a Full Comman(from my experiences) to bringing enemy units into charge range of my Corsairs.

    Special Units
    5 Cold One Knights
    Full Command
    CoK's were taken because, well, what DE player doesnt like them??? But anyways, as stated above, I believe my CoK would be able to hold their own in many C.C. head on. If they do end up fleein, its 3D6 with a Ld.9 to rally on. They will be good for causing fear onto units that are already in C.C. with my Corsairs, or units that decide they would like to go toe to toe with the best of the best.

    Rare Units
    1 Repeater Bolt Thrower - secret!!!! lousy inbreeding spies!
    This was taken for multiple reasons. A.)Will help soften up large block units with the combined shooting of my Dark Riders and my magic (pending on what spells i roll for). B.)From my experiences, RBT are good War Machine Killers. Even though hits are randomized, you have 6 shots, and in most cases only need 2-3 to land on the crew! C.) Adds versatility and 1 more thing that my enemy needs to worry about ie. where he should shoot at it, send some magic towards it, or send a flying/fast cav unit to it instead of sending them into the flank of my C.C. units. Plus, i dont like being felt left out in the shooting phase =P

    Total Points: 997pts
    Total Models: 36
    Total Casting Dice: 5
    Total Dispel Dice: 3

    Corsairs in the middle marching straight up towars the enemy. CoK to one flank and the Dark Riders to the other Flank. RBT where ever its LoS is best and can get the most bang for its buck.

    Other Comments
    I aimed for creating a list that is balanced in all aspects of offense and defense, and I believe i have achieved so. Grant it, i only have 3 dispell dice and no dispell scroll, but as many veteran players have stated before, this should be able to stand up to another 1000 list since magic heavy armies are to risky to make at this point cost. I have the potential of getting off 2 different spells during my magic phase and up to 16 shoots during my shooting phase, and 2 units that can stand toe to toe in C.C. with an extra unit to support a combat not necessarily going my way.

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    My only comment is that I wonder whether the sorceress is more valuable than a medium unit of spearmen or a couple of chariots. She's a lot of points to potentially not achieve very much.

    You might also think about a warbanner for your corsairs to help your static CR.

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