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    2000 Points, First List

    This is my first list, for my first army in Warhammer, so tell me if it's at all decent.

    Morathi, The Hag Sorceress, riding Sulephet, the Dark Pegasus
    470 points

    Sorceress (Lvl 2, Cold One, Darkstar Cloak, Dispel Scroll)
    215 Points

    Sorceress (Lvl 2, Darkstar Cloak, Dispel Scroll)
    189 Points

    Dark Elf Noble (Lance, Heavy Armor + Seadragon Cloak, Crown of Black Iron)
    *In the chariot
    119 Points

    Core Units:
    Dark Elf Warriors x 13 (bows, musician, bearer, lordling)
    194 points

    Dark Elf Warriors x 13 (bows, musician, bearer, lordling)
    194 points

    Corsairs x 10 (musician, bearer, Reaver)
    125 points

    Special Units:
    Witch Elves of Khaine x 13 (musician, bearer, Hag)
    199 points

    Cold One Chariot
    95 Points

    Repeater Bolt Thrower x 2
    200 Points

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    Welcome to Dark Elves!

    First point I'd like to make is your character-to-troop ratio. 50% of your army is invested in 4 models. While reading the massive capability of magic you must realize that if your spells backfire you will cripple your entire army. Also, casters are very prone to taking wounds.

    With this said, I would reduce the amount you've spent on characters. Drop one Level 2 sorceress and "make" your own version of Morathi to save some points. Add a block of spearmen (6x4 if you can spare the points.)

    Witch Elves are fantastic killers only against stuff that has little to no armor. I would recommend a unit of 5 Cold Ones in their place to combat incoming troops. These guys can get to where you need them much faster then the Witches.

    Shave a few Warriors with crossbows and the lordling upgrades to increase the size of your corsairs to a minimum of 18 strong (6x3.)

    A stand and fire Dark Elf list is do-able, but can end quickly when the enemy reaches you or has stronger range (ie. Scaven, Empire etc.)

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