[2000] Magic heavy - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Ahhhhh.... nekochen's Avatar
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    [2000] Magic heavy

    Dreadlord mounted on Cold One w/ Crimson Death, Armor of Eternal Servitude, Pendant of Khaeleth, Sea Dragon Cloak (2+ AS/ Reverse WS/ Regen)

    Sorceress Lv2 w/ Lore of Fire, Sacrificial Dagger, Dispel Scroll
    Sorceress Lv2 w/ Lore of Fire, Seal of Ghrond
    Sorceress Lv2 w/ Lore of Fire, Darkstar Cloak

    10x Repeater Crossbowman
    10x Repeater Crossbowman
    20x Spearman w/ Full Command
    `--> Assassin w/ 2nd Hand Weapon, Dance of Doom, Manbane

    5x Cold One Knights w/ Full Command, Banner of Murder
    20x Black Guard w/ Full Command, Standard of Hag Graef

    1x War Hydra

    P.D. = 9 + More from Power of Darkness
    D.D. = 6

    I have been continously trying out different lists with a Vamp army friend. This list worked quite well today despise the fact that I got 4 miscasts in 4 turns, 1 miscast every turn in a row with 3 dices to cast... which resulted quite devastating, turn 2 miscast, one sorc took a wound, turn 3 miscast, same sorc got double 1's result and exploded. Turn 4 miscast, Sorc took a wound and magic phase ended. Turn 5, same Sorc miscast and died.

    War Hydra were able to destroy a unit of 5 Black Knights and punk a Black Coach one on one without interference. The unit of Cold One Knights with Dreadlord were able to take on his Blood Knights and still come out with 2 models left. The only unit that didnt do much was the Spearman.. they were very quickly dispatched by a unit of skeletons ran by a Vamp and a Vamp Lord... I totally forgot the Assassin were in the unit.

    I feel this list lack some solid core choice to protect my rear, but I dont know what else to use.

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    Dethskullz Warboss Morden's Avatar
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    Hey nekochen, I am no expert on dark elves but i am just about to start collecting them myself. I cant help myself.

    Anyways you seem to have as much luck in a game as i do. Half of the army done well yet half it did nothing for you. I think your lacking some bolt throwers to cover your armies rear flank. Hmm since its elves your warriors need supporting units perhaps some dark riders.

    I think you should tag team your spears elves with either the Cold one knights or If you can find the space for it a cold-one chariot would be great for flanking on skeleies and such. Also with your general in the knights using his LD abiity to keep them in the fight to.

    Magic is a tricky thing and Its the chanch you take in using it. 4 miscasts is nothing really it wont happen every game. Thats all i can think off the now but i am sure a more experanced DE player can give you better advice.


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    This looks like a good start to a list, but I believe it could do with a little work. Personally, I would use the Black Guard as your anvil. They are a solid unit, and as long as you can keep a majority of the shooting off of them, they will carve people up in close combat with asf.

    I would therefore consider dropping the warriors to get yourself a small flanking unit of corsairs, say 10 strong, to charge in as one flank when the enemy hits. The remaining points could be spent on a unit of 5 harpies, to mop up the flyers, and take out skirmishers.

    If you need more point to acheive this, drop the champion off of the cold one knights. With the dreadlord there, you don't need him too. Also, consider some magical variation. Against Vampire counts, pit of shades from the lore of shadow is lethal!!

    ninja out
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