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    2000pts Dark Elves, New guy

    I've recently started Warhammer fantasy and have been toying with the Vampire Counts army, so I'm used to small elite armies thus far. However I wanted a taste of something new and i really do like magic so I've devised this list before I start buying models:

    Dread Lord - 241pts
    - Sea Cloak
    - Blood Armour, Executioners Axe

    Sorceress - 185pts
    - Sacrificial Dagger, Peral od Infinite Bleakness
    - Magic lvl 2

    Sorceress - 185pts
    - Darkstar Cloak, Dispel Scroll
    - Magic lvl 2

    Sorceress - 200pts
    - Seal of Ghond, Tome of Furion
    - Magic lvl 2
    - Cold one mount

    9 Cold One Knights - 308pts
    - Full Command, Banner of Murder

    19 Black Guard - 317pts
    - Full Command, Standard of Hag Graef

    20 Warriors - 155pts
    - Full Command, Shields

    10 Repeater Crossbowmen - 100pts

    10 Repeater Crossbowmen - 100pts

    Reaper Bolt Thrower -

    Reaper Bolt Thrower -

    Total - 1991pts

    Not sure how the Bolt Throwers will do as I've not had any experience with shooting yet in the game but if they fail me I'd probably replace them with a unit of Corsairs with the frenzy banner. But I shall test them for now.

    I did want a Supreme Sorceress to be my general but including her in the army didn't seem to allow me to make a viable list so I've gone for the dread lord for now.

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    Looks really good. Three Sorceress will do nicely for sure. I might exchange one of their magic items for another DS, but that's only if you're facing an enemy with a really nice magic phase.

    Other than that, I would say drop the second rank of CoK, or reduce their number to 6. With the remianing points, you could add another unit of crossbows or Dark Riders (I'd say the riders).

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