Been a while since I played my DE and for the longest time they were my 2nd army behind my VC. But with the new book I'm looking to make them my main army of choice.

Dreadlord 252/ Great Weapon, Cold one, Seadragon cloak, Armour of Servitude, Pendant of Khaeleth

Sorceress 185/ Lvl 2, Dispell, Darkstar cloak

Sorceress 185/ Lvl 2, Dispell, Sacrificial Dagger

20 corsairs 250/Command, War Banner

Assassin 151/Extra Hand, Rune of Khaine, Touch of death

10 Repeater Crossbowmen

20 Warriors 155/Shields, command

20 Warriors 155/shields, command

6 harpies 66

7 Shades 126/ great weapons

5 Cold one Knights 174/ Dread Knight, Musician, Null Talisman

2 Reaper Bolt Thrower

I ran a list similar to this in a game agains a shooty tomb kings list with mixed results. Part of the reason i lost so many guys was for one he forgot to tell me he had the TK special charcter and paied to give all his archers poison. If i had known that i would have taken shadowblade instead of a regular assassin and killed his casket turn one. I also forgot wich one of his liches was animating the army so when my spearmen and assassin killed his unit and liche in combat i forgot to make him take his crumble test, but was still alot of fun.