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    Hey everybody, I'm just getting back into warhammer after an absence of a couple of years. I've bought myself the army book and I have the battalion boxed set coming via mail order. This is my attempt to write a balanced, flexible army list that makes the most of the models in the battalion - yeah I know I'm a tight git!

    Sorceress with extra level , Focus Familiar and Dispel Scroll
    18 Black Ark Corsairs with full command and Sea Serpent Standard
    5 Dark Riders with repeater crossbows
    16 Repeater Crossbowmen with shields
    5 Cold One Knights
    5 Harpies
    Reaper Bolt Thrower

    - I thought a lone Sorceress would be the only character I needed because I need magic, I don't want to spend too many points on characters in such a small army and a Master wouldn't really add much effectiveness anyway - the Corsairs are frenzied, the COKs have the same leadership and cause fear, and the rest of the army (who probably won't do much fighting) have a fairly high leadership anyway.
    - I gave the Crossbowmen shields because it was a cheap way to give them extra protection and it will enable them to act as a decent backup unit in close combat if need be.
    - I was influenced (though not dominated) by the MSU/MSE idea I've been reading about. To this end I've tried to maximise efficiency in my combat units. Thus, I'm thinking the extra attacks from the 6x3 formation of corsairs will increase their hitting power enough to offset the reduced rank bonus. I also felt the COKs (being primarily a flanking unit) aren't desperately in need of a command group, plus I'm planning on having a character lead them when I expand my army anyway in which case it would save me valuable points on the overall cost of the unit.

    Any thoughts?

    - Tim

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    Here is an idea: In a little game like this you could really shine in magic with the sacrificial dagger. Try this:

    Remove the crossbowmen and harpies. That will save you 231 points. Instead you get 27 warriors with full comand and a warbanner for 229 points. Now exchange the spell familiar for the sacrificial dagger, and put the sorceress in the front of the spearmen - well protected and in good position to dominate the magic phase. There is a good chance that at the cost of a few spearmen you can completely rip his army apart with dark magic before you even reach him! (8 power dices from a lvl 2 mage - who could do that except the new DE?!)

    Ohh and btw: Frenzy on the corsairs might be more of a disadvantage in some siturations. I suggest the banner of murder instead. Most troops come with some armour to breach anyway.
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