Hey everybody,

A 2k army is way off for me as I've only just bought the army book and ordered the battalion, but I thought I'd post this to see what you all thought before I went and bought a load more models!

Supreme Sorceress with extra level, Pendant of Khaeleth, Crystal of Midnight and Focus Familiar
Master with heavy armour, beastmaster’s scourge, shield, Manticore and Ring of Darkness
5 Harpies
18 Black Ark Corsairs with full command and Banner of Murder
18 Black Ark Corsairs with full command and Sea Serpent Standard
5 Dark Riders with repeater crossbows
16 Repeater Crossbowmen with shields
5 Cold One Knights
War Hydra
2 Reaper Bolt Throwers

Originally I wanted a corsair theme, but then I really wanted a Hydra... then I thought it would be cool to have some kind of flying monster so I got the noble with the Manticore...

I was thinking of getting a Dreadlord but I realised that a level 4 sorceress would actually be slightly cheaper than the usual two level 2s and I wasn't sure how to equip him and I thought the army's generally high leadership could afford his omission. I was thinking of taking Malus Darkblade to lead the CoKs but I was concerned that I might turn the unit into a point sink. If anyone has any alternate suggestions about my character selection (or anything else for that matter) then by all means go in all guns blazing, saves me from spending ££££ on pointless models!