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    1st DE list 1000 points

    level 2 Sorceress on Cold One with Tome of Furion and Focus Familiar 180 points

    level 2 Sorceress with Sacrificial Dagger and Tome of Furion 175 points

    25 Spearmen with shields 175 points

    20 Corsairs 200 points

    5 Harpies 55 points

    5 Harpies 55 points

    5 Cold One Knights with Dread Knight 151

    991 total points

    level 1 Sorceress with Dark Steed and Tome of Furion 127

    level 2 Sorceress with Sacrificial Dagger 160

    25 Spearmen with shields 175

    20 Corsairs 200

    5 Cold One Knights 135

    2 Reaper Bolt Throwers 200

    total: 997

    This is the new list, i lowered the Sorceress' level, took out the harpies and added 2 RBTs

    Me and a friend are learning how to play Fantasy and this is a list i came up with for my Dark Elves. So feel free to comment and change things around.

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    Just a few problems to point out first;

    1) You cant have multiples of the same magic item unless it otherwise says so. They are each unique.
    2) You may not take more than one magic item from each of the magic item catagories per character. I.e. two Magic Weapons or in your case two Arcane items.

    So in the case of the first Sorceress you must choose between the tome and focus familiar.
    And in the case of the second, if your first sorceress takes the tome this one can't, but otherwise she cannot have both the tome and dagger as they belong both to the Arcane Items section.

    Hope this helps you a little.


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    So firstly, you need to make the changes Saltrock36 has mentioned.

    Next assuming the list is legal, here's my thoughts:

    *Get a Steed for you Sorc, not a Cold One. I know silly GW make her with a Cold One AGAIN, but just change it. Stupidy and Magic are a bad mix, esp with only LD8.

    *May drop one Sorc at this level. Go for 1 with a Sacraficial dagger @ Level 2, then what ever else. Between PoD and the Dagger, you should have enough magic.

    *With the points saved, an RBT or two would be handy.

    What i'll ask you as well, is how do you plan on winning? You havr no shooting, and OK close cambat, and lots of magic. Is magic going to win it?

    Anyway, have another look, get it legal, and we'll get back to you


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    i would get both mages on foot and get 1 sacrifical dagger and the other 1 dark star cloak. 2 mages is amazing AND U WILLL OWN THE MAGIC FASE. ur list looks pretty decent and magic for DE can be game winner. some tips on magic(get metal magic for high armor apponents and get the 12+ spel and the 8+. if agains loads of low armors guys get fire magic. i truly ever get dark magic cuz its low range and u will need to do everything with 1 turn so those are the 2 best speells catogorys. OH and shado againts low initative stuff like undead,ogreas,lizardmen etc..

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