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    2k point list goal

    So right now I have 1000 points of Dark Elves, but I would like to hit up to 2000 points and thus make an army to go after. The current armies in our store played are vampire counts, dwarfs, new mortals of chaos, bretonnians, orcs and goblins, and high elves. Thus those are my normal opponents.

    Anyways here's what I was thinking:

    Supreme Sorceress - LVL 4 and Black staff - 315
    Sorceress - Lvl 2 Sacrificial dagger and Dispell Scroll - 185
    Master - Enchanted Shield, Pendant of Khaelith, Cold One, Heavy Armor, Lance, Sea Dragon Cloak
    Assassin - Hand weapon KB +D3 attacks and reroll 1 poison - 166

    30 Spearmen - Musician Standard Bearer Shields - 219
    10 Crossbowmen - 100
    10 Crossbowmen - 100

    16 Blackguard - Full command + ASF Banner: 278
    5 shades - Bloodshade + GW
    5 CoK - Full command + AP Banner

    1 War Hydra - 175

    Comes out to 1997 points. My first thoughts when I looked at the list was my lvl 4 needs a mount, and I only have a backbone of 2 blocks of infantry (blackguard and spearmen). I guess this can be termed a gun line list as I hit them with crossbows and magic and then slam into them. The CoK and hydra probably run up a flank, with the shades harassing. In all honesty i'm still new to warhammer fantasy (but so is my gaming group) so i'm still trying to figure out how to give a unit a "role".

    Against my dwarf opponent I would scrub the two sorceresses and put a Dreadlord on a Dragon, or put lord on CoK, turn the master into a BSB, and points allowing throw another war hydra in.

    Anyways, feel free to critique.

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    i would drop the enchanted shield and get blood armor instead and also id drop the assassin as hes loads of points for something with no armors saves and toughness 3.with that maybe get a blot thrower and more shades or haripeslist look a bit small to me?? Also why BG at 16??

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