Hi, I just started playing the dark elves and I realy like army so far. What I aim for in my DE list is some combat units supported by cavalry / chariots / hydra.

Here is my list and I'll explain the reason I choose the units.


Sorceress 185
Level 2, Sacrificial Dagger, Dispell scroll

Assasin 131
Extra hand weapon, Dark venom, Rune of Khaine


23 Warriors 191
Full command, shields, Banner of Cold Blood.

20 warriors 180
Full command, shields, Banner of Murder

6 Dark Riders 133
Musician, repeater crossbows

10 Black Ark Corsairs 100


6 Cold One Knights 205
Standard, Musician, Standard of Slaughter

1 Cold One Chariot 100

1 Cold One Chariot 100


1 War Hydra 175

Total: 1500
Dispell dice: 3
Power Dice: 4
Models: 72


  • The sorceress will join the unit 23 warriors with Banner of Cold Blood. With a sorceress in this unit it will draw more attention then the other unit characterless appearing unit. Also when I sacrifise some models and this unit takes other losses by magic or shooting, then I have a much better chance of holding my ground and thus increasing the chances of a supporting unit to take control of the combat. I took the Sacrificial Dagger so that the Sorceress could cast 2 spells with 3 dice. Any suggestions on how to equip a Sorceress?
  • I choose an Assasin because I like the sneakyness of the hidden special rule. It is very DE like. I gave him dark venom for extra CR incase I do wounds in a challenge. Is this worth the few points or is this not suited for an assasin? Also he carries an extra hand weapon and Rune of Khaine for extra attacks. The plan here was to hide this Assasin in the unit 20 warriors with Banner of Murder. If the unit got charged then the assasin pops out an wounds as much models as he can so few can strike the unit.
  • The Dark Riders are equiped with repeater crossbows this is experimental for me, cause the model costs with repeater crossbows alot. It's about 30 points I spend on shooting equipment. Are the repeater crossbows worth it?
  • 10 Black Ark Corsairs, I choose these to work like an empire detachment. Just keep it asside a unit and I can shoot with the bows but that's just a bonus. With the cloak they are a bit more resistant to misslefire.
  • 6 cold one knights with Standard of Slaughter. I choose this standard because I was first planning on taking a warbanner. The Standard of Slaughter costs 10 points more but it can generate +1-3 CR. I thought the CoK's could use the extra CR incase they encounter some tougher units. What are your thoughts on the banner for this unit?
  • I only played 1 DE battle so far but I loved the Chariot. I fielded one, he didn't get a charge because he got charged by an overrunning unit. It still lasted 2 combat turn in wich the last turn the unit 5 knights were down to 1 character and he ran and my chariot overran with 1 wound left. The Cold Ones realy helped me out here.
  • The Hydra, I marched with it towards the enemy that had moved a bit forward. I took a deep breath and tried to wound 2 knights and alot of halbadiers from his detachment near the unit knights. The knights werent wounded but 5 halbediers were down. The Hydra got charged the next turn (because I parked it like 2" infront of the knights his nose) The Hydra only lost the combat by 1, but unfortunately I rolled 12 on my breaktest.

    The only thing I'm wondering is: When should I take a Hydra and when should I take a pair of Reaper Bolt Throwers.