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Thread: 2000 pt cs VC

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    2000 pt cs VC

    My friend I play against alot he has a few armies but VC is his biggest pride. I tried some different armies and always had a hard time against his army. Now I play DE myself I'm determined to make a list so that don't have such a hard time.

    His army consist mostly out of. 3 vampires, vargulf, 2 light cav units, 1 bats unit, 1 black knights unit, 2 skeleton units 1 ghoul unit and 1 grave guard unit. And somethimes a Banshee.

    So here is my list and purpose of units.


    1 Supreme Sorceress @ 403
    Level 4, Dark Steed, Pendent of Khaeleth, Darkstar cloak, dispell scroll

    1 Sorceress @ 192
    Leve 2, Dark Steed, Tome of Furion, Black Dragon egg.

    1 Death Hag @ 200
    Cauldron of blood

    10 Repeater Crossbowmen @ 110

    18 Dark Elf Warriors @ 141
    Full command, shield

    6 Dark Riders @ 139
    Musician, repeater crossbows

    18 Witch Elves @ 205
    Full command

    6 Cold One Knights @ 257
    Full command, Standard of Slaughter, Ring of Hotek

    1 Hydra @ 175

    1 Hydra @ 175

    Total 1997

    Should I drop the cauldron and include a unit black guards or executioners or a combat hero?

    I have repeater crossbowmen and dark riders to shoot down his light cav. When they are dead the crossbowmen continue to shoot down what they can. As do the dark riders, marchblock if they can. When all is in combat the dark riders pick up their spears and charge in flanks/rears.

    I took 2 war hydra's because they can do massive damage the blocks of infantry. Skellies and grave guards will be my main target for the war hydra's breath attack. Also in combat they can manage. Also I have a sorceress on a dark steed with black dragon egg. This I will be using against a weaker unit, hopefully zombies but skellies wil do aswell, for 1 turn a S4 fire breath attack. I have to make sure i can reach the flank of that unit and no other threaths are around.

    I choose 18 dark elf warriors. As a core filler and to take on weak infantry. I find them very fragile and unreliable. I'm planning on fielding them 6x3.

    6 cold one knights is my favorite number. With the standard of slaughter I can hunt his black knights. If I get the charge then I should be fine. If they can't reach the black knights I will try to flank a weaker infantry unit or with help a tougher infantry unit. I gave the champion ring of hotek for when he is getting close to enemy wizzards. Is this smart against Vampire counts?

    I choose for the unit witch elves because they have many attacks. Against grave guards they wont hold. But my plan with these if they hit a skeleton/zombie unit. Hopefully wipe the unit out in 2 or 3 turns. Also with frenzy they are immune to psy and won't autobreak if they lose combat.

    Comments are welcome

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    I would say that Black Guards are invaluable, as they are ItP, and stubborn to boot. The Hydra are nice, but beware Varghulfs as these things are nasty! I also think that for a 2000 point army, you are somehwat lacking in dispel dice - the enemy is going to easily get away IoN or VHD which negate the advantages of your army - mobility and ability to win a first round combat sufficiently to take apart the enemy.

    The cauldron is useful if you expect the enemy army to come to you, but given that your typical undead horde will be massive by the time it does get to you if you wait in your deployment zone for it, I would leave teh Cauldron at home...I would cretainly opt to get an assassin or two in the army, as these boys are probably the only units in your army that can slice and dice a Vampire lord.

    Witch Elves have a large number of attacks, but then again, so do Corsairs and rememebr Frenzy goes if they are beaten in combat. I would opt for lots of small units of these guys to help flank the skellies, or deal with small zombie units raised as speed bumps.

    I would also recommend taking Executioners, to deal with cavalry or again, nasty Vampires or save 4+ Grave Guard (if you hit them in the flank).

    Is a S4, one-use flame template going to add much to your army when you have 2 S5 templates already? I would advise against it, simply from the view that you need more defensive stuff rather than an offensive weapon.
    Killing blow is excellent for dealing with most Vampires, as they tend to rely on high toughness or armour saves, as Vampires don't have many ward save items.

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