this list magic heavy kind of, haha. it has some light shooting , basically i march block, pick at then charge the enemy.

Supreme Sorceress w/ lvl4, dark pegasus, focus fam., pend. of kaeleth, armor of dark. 395 pts

Sorceress w/ death mask and dark pegasus 235pts

20 Corsairs w/ SB w/Sea serpent std, and Assassin w/ RoKhaine, and ToDeath 376pts

25 Warriors w/ SB w/ murder Ban., shields, and Assassin w/ RoKhaine, and ToDeath 350pts

5 Dark Riders w/ RXB

5 C.O. Knights w/ dread Knight w/ Pearl of Infin. Bleak., SB w/ Std. of Slaughter 227pts

2 RBTs 200pts

War Hydra 175pts

2 units of 5 Shade w/ LA and extra HW

Total 2,248pts, 74 models

8+ PD, 5 DD

comments welcome. thanks.