hey there. this is my first dark elves 2000pts list. i dont have a theme, but basically just field the units i like, and still try to field a decent, maybe strong, force.

here goes:


supreme sorceress: lvl 4, focus familiar, seal of ghrond
sorceress: lvl 2, darkstar cloak
master: crimson death, armour of darkness

25 spearmen: FC, shields, assassin w. AHW, rune of khaine, manbane (supreme sorceress goes here)
10 RxBmen: musician
18 corsairs: FC, (sorceress or master goes here)
5 dark riders: musician, RxB

5 shades: GWs
15 black guards: FC, standard of hag graef (sorceress or master goes here)
5 cold one knights: FC

1 reaper bolt thrower

this sums up to a total of 1992 pts. im thinking of adding a hand bow to my master just to use the points.. any ideas?

this is my army idea. what do you guys think of it? please comment thank you

regards, AND