Sea cloak
Cold one
Armour of Eternal Servitude
Pendant of Khaeleth

Master BSB
Armour of Darkness
Ring of Hotek

Sorceress 2x Scrolls 150

22 Warriors Shield FC 169
20 Corsairs FC Sea Serpent Standard 250 Sorcs here
1 Assassin Additional handweapon Reapet cross Rune of Khaine Manebane 156
10 Corsairs handbow Reaver with pair of handbow 113

7 shades GW 126
1 Assassin Additional handweapon Rune of Khaine black lotus20
6 Coldone Champion Standar with Standar of Slaughter 229 Dreadlord here
20 black guards FC Banner of Murder 320 BSB here

1 Hydra 175


Have played some games with Dark Elves. i dont really like magic so ill try find a army with a Dreadlord. Let me know what you think. The shade unit might be risky, but i really love to suprice my enemy and confuse him/her. So its nice to charge with 7 shades at some units rare.. and boff a Assassin with 4 attacks +D3 and reroll 1 to wound and he flee to my main blocks.

So what do you guys think ?