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    1500 pts awesome army

    1 Master with life taker, blood armour, great weapon and sea dragon cloak 133
    To go with the shades (plz tell me if this is allowed)
    To flank charge
    1 Sorceress with darkstar cloak and guiding eye 185
    She is going in a unit of xbowmen because of guiding eye it will make them even better shots
    1 Sorceress with dispel scroll and sacrificial dagger 185
    She is going to be in a unit of xbowmen (is her items selection allowed)

    Heroes: 503

    8 Dark Riders with xbows fc 211
    This unit will hold of the flank

    10 Crossbowmen with musiscian 105

    16 Dark Elf Warriors 96
    This is where the sorceress with the sac dag goes
    20 Dark Elf Warriors with fc 155
    This will be my solid block
    Core Units: 561

    13 Shades with gw and bloodshade 252
    My hardcore massive unit of scouts that can pretty much take out everything

    5 Cold one knights with fc 175
    Center cavalry unit

    Special: 433

    Total: 1497

    Power Dice : 7
    Dispel Dice : 4

    The Plan

    My unit two units of Dark Elves (20 and 16) will move up together while the sorceress will hold up their archers with chillwind.
    The xbowmen will fire and will probably make a unit panic.
    This sorceress will fire at their infantry troops and will reduce their rank bonus.
    The shades and the master will hold up one side of the board and will probably shoot the first few turns then flank or charge some one
    The cold one knights will take out a tough unit of beast (like trolls or rat ogres) with their strenght 6 hits on the charge then strenght 4 later on.
    The unit of dark riders will hold the one side of the board for long enough.

    Comments would be greatly appreciated.

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    this list isn't awesome

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