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    Army List That is Strong 2000 points

    Hi everybody lately ive been playing with an army that i find quite effective.
    And ive tweaked it up a bit.

    Lords and Heroes = 439

    1 Dreadlord with death piercer, armour of eternal servitude, shield, sea dragon cloak and ring of darkness on a cold one 279

    1 Sorceress Lv2 with Dark Star cloak 160

    Core = 1112

    8 Dark Rider with full command 211

    10 Crossbowmen with musician 105

    10 Crossbowmen with musician 105

    20 Dark Elf Warriors with shields and full command 155
    (Put sorceress in here and have them in a rank of 7)

    20 Corsairs with full command 225
    ( Put the Cheaper assassin in here and have them in ranks of 7)
    1 Assassin with rune of khaine and rending stars 140
    (this one doesnt have additional hand weapond)
    1 Assassin with additional hand weapon rending stars, rune of khaine cloak of twilight 171

    Special = 549

    6 Cold One Knights with full command 162

    9 Cold One Knights with full command 243
    (Put Lord in here)

    8 Shades with great weapons 144

    Total 2000 points

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    I would say ..
    - magic defense: 3 dices
    thats way to less for a good army list for dark elfs (my own experience Vs Skaven/Tomb Kings (curse their bones) wasnt so good) try improvin it with a caddy , a second sorceress , or magic items
    - core units: 1100 pt? thats a huge amount
    assassins are good but not so reliable, drop one, you really need to drop some core units for the points you can get other units ( the last assassin has the same points as a War Hydra
    -large unit of cold ones
    why fielding 6 + 9 cold ones, I mean they are good, but 15 of them is a bit 2 much
    drop one of the units to make room for other units
    - rare units: Where are the Hydra and the Repeater Bolt Throwers?
    for 200 pt (1 rare choice you can add 2 RBTs) and by dropping an assassin you can add a War Hydra
    You can relie on them more than the Assassin
    well I hope you can do somethin with these hints
    Dark Elf General

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