I've readjusted my army a bit, since i dont really like the idrea of a big corsair unit. So i came up with this:

Dreadlord: SDC, Pendant of khaleth, AoES, Crimson Death
Sorceress: lvl 2, tome of furion
Sorceress: lvl 2, sacrificial dagger (goes with large spearman unit)

25 Spearmen: shields, FC
20 Spearmen: shields, FC (assassin: AHW, Rune of khaine, manbane)
12 Corsairs (no upgrades, exclusively a flanking unit)
10 Repeater crossbowmen
5 dark riders
7 shades
17 black guards: FC, standard of hag graef, ring of hotek
5 cold one knights: FC, war banner
1 reaper bolt thrower
1 war hydra

This gives me two solid infantry block of spearmen, one with assassin to surprise attacks - hopefully removing their front rank, and letting me strike with 11 spearmen attacks ..
I like the idea of having 2 spearmen units since they are cheap, and IMO very nice - and lets me paint two regiments differently like the army in the 6.ed DE book.

I will blace the black guards in the center, one spearman unit on one side, and corsairs on the other and on their side, the other spearmen. this gives a strong center, and that way myh sorceress in the spearmen unit is not affacted by the hotek ring.

I am 45 pts above the limit So any ideas? I know that it seems weird only having 1 RBT, but i dont have more than one model and i think it will work out.

I could remove 2 black guards (the 2 additional is only for shoting casualties) and reducing the corsair unit to 10. this is 46 pts, but then their might be too few attacks from the corsair front rank (although thy have 10 )..

any thoughts would be helpful