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    Magic Heavy 2000 Point Army

    20 Black Ark Corsairs
    Full Command
    Sea Serpent Banner 250

    20 Dark Elf Warroirs
    Full Command
    Shields 155

    10 Reapeter Crossbows
    Full Command
    Shield 130

    15 Har Ganeth Exicutioners
    Full Command
    Banner Of Murder
    Tullaris 325

    5 Cold One Knights
    Full Command
    Banner of Hag Graef
    Death Piercer
    Dreadknight (dreadlord goes here) 235

    2 Reapeter Bolt Throwers 200

    2 Sorceresses
    Lv 2
    Sacraficial dagger for one of them 295

    1 Cold One Chariot 100

    1 Dreadlord
    Cold One
    Heavy Armour
    Sea Dragon Cloak
    Shield of Ghrond
    Caldors Bane
    Pearl of Infinite bleakness 247

    Welcome all ideas for spare 8 points

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    First of all, why did you ever even considered taken Tullaris? Only with a very good reason you need to keep him, else, drop that guy. Also, instead of taken deathpiercer on the CoK take teh Null talisman: Magic resistance is always nice.
    I have a new combo of dreadlord for you:
    -Pendant of Khaleth (the best magic item we got)
    -Armour of Eternal servitude (regen is nice)
    Don't know the exact points cost, but I know he is nice: 3+AS in CC 2+ against missiles, regeneration and on top of that: the reversed Ward Save wich is mostly 3- (4+) but can get better if you're opponent has a higher S.

    By the way, this list isn't really magic heavy you might think to take another sorceress. You already have some points if you take Tullaris away. Then you also put the banner and the champ away from the RXB men because they are just useless. Put if you have to the Cold One chariot away (for a sorceress) amd them you'll have some points left wich you can use to get some DS and maybe the Tome of Furion.
    Hope this is helping!

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