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Thread: First 2250 list

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    First 2250 list

    Haven't played a game bigger than 500, only bought a Battalion box thus far since I know I'll be using the models in it, considering picking up the Spearhead at some point for all the heroes and other goodies in it.

    I love all the magic the Dark Elves can bring to the table while still being able to fill out the other phases. I want this list to be fairly magic heavy, but still have assault and shooting power.

    High Sorceress- General, Lv.4, Sacrificial Dagger, Pendant of Khaeleth - 320
    Sorceress- Lv.2, Darkstar Cloak, Dispel Scroll - 185
    Noble- BSB, Hydra Banner, Cold One, Lance, Heavy Armor, Sea Dragon Cloak, Shield - 214
    Assassin- Extra Hand Weapon, Manbane, Rune of Khaine - 146

    15x Warriors- Spear, Shield, Musician - 108
    10x Repeater Crossbowmen- Shields, Musician - 115
    15x Corsairs- Extra Hand Weapon, Sea Serpent Standard, Musician, Standard Bearer - 190
    5x Dark Riders- Repeater Crossbows, Musician - 117
    5x Dark Riders- Repeater Crossbows, Musician - 117
    5x Harpies - 55

    7x Shades- Light Armor, Great Weapons - 133
    5x Cold One Knights- Dread Knight, Musician, Standard Bearer - 200
    -Dread Knight- Lance, Shield, Ring of Hotek

    War Hydra- 175
    War Hydra- 175

    Total: 2250

    So far the plan is to have the High Sorceress with the Spearmen, using them as fodder for the dagger. Should I up these guys to 20? Do they need a Standard Bearer?

    I'm at a loss as to where to put the other Sorceress and what magical items (if any) to give them. I figured a Dispel Scroll would be good to have against those magic-heavy lists, but do I really need the scroll with two Sorceresses on the field?

    The Hydra Banner with the Cold One Knights just looked like a great combination to me: +1 attack for the Knights AND their mounts. Obviously this guy will be running with them.

    Crossbowmen are there to harass units with volleys of firepower, I can't imagine 20 shots per turn being something to shrug off, especially if they march first turn and have a juicy target turn 2. I gave them shields for a little added protection and a musician in case they get shot apart or need to flee from an incoming assault. Good idea or not? Do I need more of these?

    Corsairs with a frenzy banner looks like it can dish out a fair amount of attacks so long as I restrain them with Harpies or Riders. Thought about sticking the Assassin with them or in with the Shades.

    Dark Riders are there for more harassment, attacking flanks and shooting, bait and flee, and march blocking.

    Harpies for much the same as Dark Riders, but can get to war machine crew easier.

    Everyone says Shades are great, they certainly seem so on paper. I do wonder if 7 is just way too few, though.

    The Cold One Knights are there to put a hurt on things, especially if I can manage to flank them. Stuck the Ring of Hotek in here to help force more miscasts, and will have the Hydra Banner with them.

    Hydras are both mean and awesome, and only 175 points. I've thought about doing dual Reaper Bolt Throwers alongside a single Hydra, but that's more points overall. Probably a little more balanced, though, and better to deal with various threats that may arise.

    As I said, still haven't played a proper game yet so not really sure if I'm reading into the capabilities or tactics of this army correctly. Feel free to suggest additions, removals, etc. of units you think I have too many or not enough of. Looking at it on paper, it feels like I'm lacking a proper focus, like the list is kind of all over the place with things I think are cool.

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    I can't imagine 20 shots per turn being something to shrug off
    I can. It's amazing how such a big fistfull of dice shrinks when you account for double-tapping, long range, ect. I've had no end of bad expirances with repeater crossbows. Against T3 enemies with little or no AS, a unit of 10 of them is about as good as a single RBT. That said - they've only get a couple rounds of shooting off before they

    a) flee from combat
    b) die in combat

    and against T4+ and high AS enemies, they're almost totally worthless.

    Dark Riders are a better value IMO since they can operate in multiple roles more easily, for fewer points. However, since Dark Riders are usually on the move, their crossbows haven't ever done anything for me - ANYTHING . As such, I just don't take them. It saves 25 pts per unit that could be used for magic banners and more troops.

    The Hydra BSB option is a worthy choice. Many a time I have laid low an entire unit of enemy elites with my Cold One Knights via the same combination - And many a time I have had my Cold One Knights and BSB obliterated before reaching combat once my opponents figured out that it was almost unbeatable if it survived. Due to this second observation, I no longer use the Hydra banner since the BSB is too easily KO'ed without a ward save and the small unit of Knights usually falls to enemy magic / shooting. I won't say you shouldn't use it, but be wary that those Knights will attract a lot of fire after they trounce a few opponnents.

    One more word of warning: watch out where you position your casters and the Ring of Hotek knight. It's effect works on you too, after all

    Cheers, and good luck!

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