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    2k list comments please

    Hi Ive put together a list that i thought would be good at CC and Magic
    So here goes:

    Lords and Heroes

    1 Dreadlord with executioners axe and blood armour and sea dragon cloak 241

    1 Lv2 Sorceress with seal of ghrond and tome of furion 180

    1 Lv2 Sorceress with cold one, darkstar cloak, powers stone 200


    20 Warriors with full command 155
    (sorceress on foot goes here 7x3)

    21 Corsairs with full command 235

    6 Dark Riders with crossbows 132

    5 Cold One Knights with full command 175
    (sorceress in here)

    6 Cold one knights with full command 202

    11 Black Guard with full command and Banner of Hag Graef 178
    (Dreadlord goes in here)

    7 Shades with great weapons 126

    1 War hydra 175

    1999 points

    So what do you think?
    Please comment?

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    Drop power stone, get dispell scroll
    Drop cold one get a dark steed
    and DONT put in your cold on knights unit, u dont want to charge your sorc into combat.

    20 Warriors
    Deploy 5x4 so you have 3 rank bonus, else you have 2 attacks more that possibly do nothing (unless u choose to fight the combat with spears). I just prefer static CR for warriors.

    Dark Riders
    Try to include a musician

    I would drop 1 dark rider, and drop 1 shade and with those points add a musician to the dark riders and bulk up your Black Guard unit.

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    Agreed on the soceress, drop the coldone.

    Your lord is going to die against most things that will try to charge a black guard unit, even if he has strike first, simply because he has no war and not the best armour save in the world ever. It looks like you have forgone his overall effectiveness in your force so that he can deal with enemy characters with his very expensive axe.

    I can see where your coming from but i would say getting a balance to your lord is paramount over deffense or attack. Say you get charged by blood dragon vampires with a lord (long shot but lets imagen the worse csae senario here), your opponrnt somehow then gets vanhells or a corspe cart bound spell cast on them making them strike first also, in which case it gose back to who charged who. vampire lord puts his atacks on your lord and at S7 with lance cuts your lord to ribbons with a possible 8 attacks rerolling to hit. basically what im saying is get a ward save in thier.

    If i was you i would have this build for your situation;
    Seadragon Cloak,
    Pendant of Khaeleth, (silly not to ever take this item)
    Soulrender, (Gw with armour piercing giving you a -4 to your opponents armour and S6) or a normal GW
    Potion of Strength, (this will give you that boost you were probably looking for from the Exercutioners Axe)
    Blood armour,

    Comes in about 216-225pts depending on weapons, and could possibly drop with some items like potion of strength but you must keep pendant.

    With quite a nice infantry i would drop the extra unit of Coldone knights that your soceress was going to be in and buy another hydra. they are amazing at guarding flanks and can also charge out to support cavalry. also means you have 2 unit strength 5 terror causers that can flank charge enemies attaking your infantry, getting rid of ranks and gaining flank bonuses, but also holds two S5 breath weapons in you infantry line that can run out the turn your oppnonet sets up charges and roast thier units.

    3 ranks of 7 for your corsairs? Lots of attacks yes, bu just see how it pans out if you roll against high WS, high T, high armour units like dwarfs. I guarantee you would which you had taken the extra rank instead. now this tactic works if you have a character in there to add to the tally or with a unit like exercutioners who have high WS and S, but with corsairs its a struggle unless you negate enemy ranks at the same time.

    Just have a few practice rolls against an imagenary dwarf warrior unit of 20 and youl see what i mean.

    11 Black guard are almost not worth taking. you need at least 2 ranks for people to see them as an imposing unit. your only T3 with heavy armour. a few magic missiles or turns of shooting and you will loose them, the banner and if your unlucky, your lord at the same time.

    You have no dispel scrolls. i rekonmend taking a lvl 2 with scroll and Darkstar Cloak, over the power stone, lets not forget you can always generate dice.

    Hope this helps a little,


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    As a further comment on your lord, I would go with the following setup if he is on foot.

    Dread Lord
    Armor of Darkness
    Pendant of Kaeleth

    He is cheap, has a 1+ armor save, the mandatory pendent for any general, and a good weapon.

    I just dont see a strength 9-10 ever being really necessary.

    I also agree with the ideas for your sorcs. With the PoD spell you really dont need powerstones. Dark Elves are already good at magic offense, so you should get a scroll instead to help with defense.

    I would drop a dark rider, a shade, and maybe even the banners off your CoK to get more black guard. ( I would only get a banner in order to get the cold blooded banner)
    "I am the architect of fate!"

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