2000 point battle vs High Elves - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2000 point battle vs High Elves

    Having a fight this weekend with my friend's very magic heavy high elf list, how does this sound?

    Dark Elves vs High Elves 2000 pts


    1 Dreadlord on Dark Pegasus (General) - Sea Dragon Cloak, Shield, Dagger of Hotek (Always Strikes First), Blood Armour, Pendant of Khaeleth, Null Talisman

    1 Sorceress lvl 1 - 1 x Dispel Scroll, 1 x Ring of Hotek. In with Blackguard. Lore of Darkness.

    1 Sorceress lvl 1 on Dark Steed - 2 x Dispel Scrolls, Lore of Metal

    Assassin with Touch of Death and Rune of Khaine - in with Corsairs


    17 Black Ark Corsairs inc full command and Sea Serpent Standard in 3 x 6 ranks

    5 Dark Riders - Repeater Xbows

    5 Dark Riders - Repeater Xbows


    5 Cold One Knights inc Full Command and Standard of Slaughter and Null Talisman.

    12 Black Guard inc full command and Banner of Hag Graef - Always Strikes First


    2 x Reaper Bolt Throwers

    1 x War Hydra

    Total Roster Cost: 2005

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    Your General is rather poor... with dagger he can strike first and score 4 hits, but all at just strengh 4... On pegasus... Sending General to hunt warmachines isn't that pretty idea, as he doesn't have enough strengh to hunt anything else. Not to mention his leadership is going to be required elsewhere and bowmen and machines crew aren't really going to hurt him.
    I'm sorry, but he is just... so... useless!

    Two Sorceresses are nice but:
    a) they are not going to hurt HE with their magic... just not enough of them!
    b) Two for defence? You require one, she should buy you enough time to slay enemy mages! I find it better than being able to longer resist magic. Where are your Harpies, Shades, flying Assasin?

    About Assasin - Corsairs... well... if you really want to. But he doesn't require touch of death - he won't meet enemy characters while in that unit, he's gonna be simply unit killer. So just Rune. Other preferable builds would be giving him cloack and sticking to Shades or rending stars + manbane - he could destroy all those pesky chariots with 100% efficiency and could stand&shoot...

    Dark Riders are going to need Musicians.

    The CoK are overpowered - FCG for 5-man squad? You don't need it (especially musician if you want standard of slaughter). Per Champ you get half another one, and I think they are going to fall to ASF... but you choose. Standard of Slaughter is nice addition but risk for such small unit. Remember, not only you have Bolt Throwers.

    Black Guard have better things to do than babysit Sorceress. I would also leave them without Musician - believe me, they don't have opponents that might hurt them apart from the very lord or shooting or chariots. The last one may be easily countered by mentioned Assasin. Phoenix Guard may hold them for a while, but not for long.
    I would either field 14 and run them 2x7 or 18 and run them 3x6. This is your best Infantry and very best Infantry that will march through table! The more the better! Magic will be concentrated on them! If you have spare points and want to be tricky, you can give champ Armour of Midnight and duel and challenge anything that moves.

    Rares are perfect.

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    Agreed for the most part.

    Your Dreadlord would be better off with the BG or at least with a better selection of magic items. If you're dead set on the Peggy, I'd give him the Pendant, Armor of Darkness and Deathpiercer. He can rough up plenty of enemies and survive about anything you throw at him. He may get his mount shot out from under him, so you'd have to worry about that the most.

    Ring of Hotek on a Sorceress is a horrible idea, what if she needs to cast spells? I'd rather have her on the Peggy and your lord safe with the BG. Put the Ring on your Tower Master. If you're going for magic defense, 1 Sorc with 2 scrolls, the ring in your BG and a smattering of Null Talismans should do it.

    Corsairs could use a command group and the Assassin might do better with Manbane instead of Killing Blow.

    Dark Riders need musicians.

    COKs are good.

    BG could use more models, 17 or so would be ideal.

    Rares look good.
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