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    Between Armies, money to waste, 1k, need help.

    Hey all, so i have some xmas money left to waste, and i wanna get 1k of fantasy.

    I love dark elves, the idea of elite infantry armies (even fragile ones) is very appealing to me so i've come up with the list below but i'm not sure how effective it is.

    Before i give the list a few things:

    • I've bought nothing so far, so make any suggestions you want.
    • I want to try and keep it all infantry, and as cheap £££ wise as possible.
    • I want it to be effective, without being cheesy, challanging to use i guess.
    Ok here goes (i've given my reason for each unit in brackets):

    Death Hag w/t Cauldren of blood - 200 pts (Seems pretty key for an infantry army, at this point level killing blow or +1 attack can be game winners).

    Sorceress - Lvl 2, Darkstar Cloak - 160 pts (I like magic, 5 powerdice... 2 on power of darkness to lure out D dice then 3 on my best spell).

    14 Corsairs - 2 H weapons, SB + M, banner of the sea serpent - 180pts (frenzy + 7 wide = 21 attacks + hatred + killing blow from the cauldren? yes please!).

    10 Repeater Crossbowsmen - Shields - 110 pts (Not sure about these, just seemed like a decent unit to sit the sorceress in).

    12 Executioners - Full command - 174 pts (Stubborn with the cauldren and if they charge, a 2 S 6 attacks each with hatred and killing blow? yes please! not sure though).

    War Hydra - ??? pts (I love them, hoping he'll draw some fire and if not S 5 breath weapons can really punish people in low point games).

    My major concern is being slaughtered by shooting, i hope the hyrda wil draw fire, but my units are smal and vunerable to even bows. Maybe i can get a few chillwind off on warmachines?

    I did consider swapping the xbows for warriors (no shields) and giving the sorceress the sacrifical dagger, would allow me to overpower someones magic defense for the few key turns to get those chillwinds off as i close, but having not played fantasy for an age i'm unsure.

    Any help greatly appreciated, rep wll be given to those who give good advice =)

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    looks like a good list but i wouldn't reccommend a couldren in a 1000 point game. If i where you i'd drop the couldren and replace with a master. also i'd say get some sprearmen in there.

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    That's a lot of points put into Heroes. I'd go for magic or the Cauldron, both at the same time is too expensive for this points level.

    Everything else looks like a solid set up, all I would recommend is a block of 20-25 Spearmen for some cheap SCR. Harpies for bullet screens and some Dark Riders or Shades to flank and harass would also help.
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    hydra and cauldron aren't cheap moneywise.

    If you buy the battalion you have the following:
    • 28 Dark Elf Warriors / crossbowmen,
    • 20 Corsairs
    • 5 Cold One Knights
    It's relative cheap try ebay (they sell alot of new items with discout)

    With that you could build a nice list. Here is and example:

    Sorceress @ 160
    Level 2, Darkstar Cloak

    Master @ 149
    Cold One, Lance, HA, Shield, SDC, Pendent of Khaeleth

    17 Warriors @ 159
    Full Command, War Banner

    10 crossbowmen @ 100
    Shields, Musician

    20 Corsairs @ 215
    Full Command

    5 Cold One Knights @ 210
    Full Command, Standard of Slaughter

    Total: 1000
    Power Dice: 5
    Dispell Dice: 3
    Models in Army: 44

    This list contains:
    - Dark Elf Battalion
    - Dark Elf Dreadlord on Cold One

    You should be able to get this for £40-50. You have some nice infantry, bit of shooting and magic, and a hard hitting cav unit <3 I think you could enjoy this list alot. And moneywise it's a cheap list.

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    For all infantry and cheap, you really cannot beat the battalion box. It gives you a huge number of guys on the cheap. Add in a few heros and maybe another special, and you've got a right solid army.

    The first army you posted does not really fit with your goals. It is all infantry, but you picked most of the expensive things, lets take a look:

    Cauldron of Blood: $40ish (i think)
    Sorceress: $12
    14 Corsairs: 2 boxes of 10: $44
    10 Crossbowmen: 1 box of warriors: $35
    12 execs with full command: 3 boxes: $62
    Hydra: $45

    We're already sitting at about $240. As you can see from the breakdown, the execs are the real hit. Though the hydra and the Cauldron help.

    aimbob summed it up best. For cost effectivness, numbers, and infantry, you really can't beat plastic. Even with the metal command models his army still comes out at half the cost ($120ish). Plenty left over for things like Hydras, RBT, shades, or more knights.

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