I'm a relatively new Druchii player (been playing WFB for awhile though) with only a few battles with the Dark Elves under my belt. This list is mostly my usual list (never posted it) but with one major difference: the Battle Standard Bearer. Normally I wouldn't run a BSB in a game this small, but my COKs have been preforming dismally the last few games and I wanted to see if doubling the number attacks they got on charge will help their luck.

Basically the main hitter in the army is the Cold One Knights, joined by the BSB. The Warriors protect the flanks and the Corsairs protect the General while the Reaper skewers.

I'm open to suggestions, so let me have it.

1000 Dark Elves Army


D’Ceet Nsarro -185
-Lvl 2 Wizard
-Dark Star Cloak
-Dispel Scroll

Rath Mal’evolence -208
-Battle Standard Bearer
-Hydra Banner
-Heavy Armor
-Cold One


Black Arc Corsairs -155
-13 Corsairs
-Repeater Handbows
-Full Command

Repeater Crossbowmen -110
-10 Crossbowmen

Dark Elf Spearmen -90
-15 Spearmen


Cold One Knights -159
-5 Cold One Knights
-Standard Bearer


Reaper Bolt Thrower -100

Models: 48
Power Dice: 5
Dispel Dice: 3