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    Friendly 2000 point Dark Elf w/Dragon

    So As seen in my 1000 point core topic I've been building a Dark Elf army. I should finally be getting my first game in this evening, 2000 points against someone. Possibly WoC, or Brettonians, maybe VC.

    So while I still don't have all model choices available (Black Guard are out of stock at my LGS), I decided to make a 2000 point list with a Dragon as I know I could make it to 2000 that way. So here's my list:

    Dreadlord (Crimson Death, Armour of Darkness, Pendant, Black Dragon) 545
    Sorceress (lvl 2, Darkstar Cloak, Dispell Scroll) 185 goes w/Corsairs
    Sorceress (lvl 2, Sacrificial Dagger, Dispel Scroll)) 185 goes w/Warriors
    Dark Elf Warriors (23 w/Shields, Command) 176
    Repeater Crossbowmen (10 w/Shields, Guardmaster) 115
    Repeater Crossbowmen (10 w/Shields, Guardmaster) 115
    Black Ark Corsairs (11 w/Repeater Handbow, Command, Reaver w/2Hbows, Banner of Murder) 163
    Cold One Knights (6 w/Command, Standard of Slaughter) 237
    Shades (5 w/Greatweapons) 90
    War Hydra 000
    TOTAL=1986 points

    Now this will be my first game of Fantasy in 5 years, and I know I need something that can take a pounding and dish it out like Black Guard, but this is what I have to work with for the moment.

    Ideally the Repeater Crossbowmen units will wittle down any footsloggers so that the block of Warriors can take a beating. I probably won't do too well as it's been 5 years and I'm not 100% up on how it will all work together.

    Ideally I won't be using the Dragon too often, as soon as I get my Black Guard, I can swap the dragon out and go with something a little more competitive.

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    I'd say that looks quite good. I'd like to see a little more mobility (swap out a unit of RxBs for Dark Riders) to support the Dragon, but otherwise it looks solid.
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