Hey guys, as a lot of you will know, I'm a recent returner to WFB and I've chosen to come back and start a Dark Elf army. My aim is 3,000 points and my army list, as planned is as follows:

Dreadlord - Cold One 275pts
- Heart Seeker
- Pendent of Khaeleth
- Null Talisman x2
- Heavy Armour
- Shield
- Sea Dragon Cloak

Supreme Sorceress - Level 4 370pts
- Magic Items (100 points)
- Dark Steed

Sorceress - Level 2 185pts
- Dispel Scroll x2

Master - Heavy Armour 132pts
- Sea Dragon Cloak
- Great Weapon
- Ring of Darkness

Assassin - Additional Hand Weapon 166pts
- Rune of Khaine
- Manbane
- Cloak of Twilight

14x Black Guard - Full Command 267pts
- Null Talisman
- Banner of Hag Graef

5x Cold One Knights - Full Command 175pts

20x Corsairs - Full Command 250pts
- Serpent Banner

24x Spearmen - Full Command 183pts
- Shields

10x Crossbowmen 100pts

10x Crossbowmen 100pts

1x Reaper Bolt Thrower 100pts

1x Reaper Bolt Thrower 100pts

1x War Hydra 175pts

1x War Hydra 175pts

5x Shades - Great Weapons 90pts

5x Shades - Great Weapons 90pts

6x Harpies 66pts
- 2,999pts

I know I have no Dark Riders in here but I'm going to be fighting Lizardmen a lot and I fear they will get pin-cushioned by skinks' poisoned blow pipes etc.

As before, the aim is to have a number of sections to the army:

1. Death from Above - the Crossbowmen and Bolt Throwers to cover my advance and (Bolt Throwers especially) to take on any monsters coming my way.

2. The Hammerblow - Dreadlord, Cold Ones, Master, Black Guard and 2 Hydras to engage the worst the enemy has to offer and, hopefully break them. The Hydras should also be able to breathe all over the enemy as this section advances.

3. Winds of Magic - 2 Sorceresses should, depending on my opponent be able to either dominate the magic phase or, at the very least, by me some time against my mate's Slann.

4. Where did he come from?!? - One assassin to cause my opponent some headaches and, if necessary, protect one (or both) of my sorceresses.

5. Static Defence // Support the Hammerblow - Corsairs and Spearmen to back up the elite units or the artillary section as required.

6. Aaargh!! Leave me alone!! - 2 units of shades and 1 unit of harpies to generally p*ss off my opponent and, if possible, pick off lone characters and/or war machines.

Any thoughts on this would be more than welcome!!

Cheers, guys