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    first fantasy army list

    so this is my first time playing fantasy so this list is probably going to be awful which is why im posting it here to try and get some tips.

    im going to be mainly playing against warriors of chaos, vampire counts, and orcs & goblins


    Lokhir Fellheart


    12 spearmen with shields
    - Lordling
    - Musician

    18 repeater crossbows with shields

    20 corsairs
    - Reaver
    - Musician
    - Standard Bearer with Banner of the Sea Serpent

    10 corsairs
    - Reaver


    10 Cold One Knights
    - Dreadknight with Shield of Ghrond
    - Musician
    - Standard Bearer with Banner of Hag Graef

    Total is 1247

    when the games get a little bigger i will add 12 more crossbows 15 more spearmen an assassin with black lotus touch of death and rune of khaine and a sorceress lvl 2 with darkstar cloak tome of furion and the spells dark hand of death wind of death and walking death

    anyways any critiscism would be great because i dont have any experience with my army

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    Let's see.

    Lokhir's a bit expensive for a small game. Also no magic defense.

    12 spearmen is too small. They're cheap, get lots.

    18 RxBs is a bit too big. 10-12 work fine.

    Corsairs are a little pricey to be going for ranks. 18 run 6x3 is sufficient.

    COKs don't need rank bonus, it's too expensive. A flag and Standard of Slaughter should be fine.

    It appears that you're working from the Battalion, so how about this?

    Master on a Cold One (use a normal Knight and convert/add bits/paint to make him suitably impressive). Full mundane armor and a lance is good and cheap.
    Sorceress w/ anything really

    18 Corsairs with frenzy banner
    10 RxBs
    20 spearmen w/ shields
    5 Knights

    That should add up and give you a solid army.
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