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    2250 McShowcase Arm-flex

    Hey there!

    A long time ago, I read the story in the Dark Elf book where Malekith and bodyguard hacked through an army to safety. My heart filled with pride.

    To be honest, I've had quite a long stint away from the game... after dusting off the book and re-reading that story, as well as my fondness for Abstrudal Vect and his slave *ahem* Dark Kin, I want to go ahead and buy all the funky stuffs. .

    Eggs/basket/winning doesn't matter, I wanted a hardass unit in an average game, with the favoured Malekith at it's reigns to re-make that battle on the tabletop. Not that I intend to use it regularly, but if it half works, it may even see the tabletop!

    (note: eye bleeders, turn away now)

    Malekith, Witch King
    Cold One

    Death Hag
    BSB w/ Hydra Banner
    Manbane + Rune of Khaine
    Total: 240 Pts

    Level 2
    Ring of Darkness
    Cold One
    Total: 195 Pts

    Level 2
    Dagger of Dice
    Total: 160 Pts


    10 Crossbowmen

    5 Dark Riders
    Rptr Crossbows
    Total: 117 Pts

    18x Warriors
    Full Command
    Total: 141 Pts
    (Dagger stab here)


    Cold One Chariot

    20 Black Guard
    Kouran, Musician & Standard w/ Hag McGraef
    Total: 391 Pts

    Additional hand weapon, Rune of Khaine
    Black Lotus, Touch of Death
    Total: 171 Pts

    Total Army Cost: 2245(?)
    (P.S cheers to Zhaf for the layout presentation, saved me a lot of time )

    Unbreakable, shooting mods, magic, ASF Cold Ones.... couldn't ask much more of a bodyguard, but I kinda am!
    As far as I know, the main problems I will be having against such a unit would be Dragons+Characters/ High US monsters to the non-front facing, aside from having wounds placed on charcters slowly but surely.
    Does anyone have any ideas how to go about tooling a list like this, or to keep the trend and try a differnt approach? Malekith is being 'cold-oned' soon, and Mr Sorceror has to be in the list (I love that old model). I tried to work with a Cauldron, but it takes my Hag out of the Guard, I could drop a caster, but ... aaargh it's already coming apart!

    Thank You in advance

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    I would put Mally on the dino, Stupidity has a way of ruining things.

    What is your Death Hag doing? Frenzy is bad if she runs off on her own. I'd go for a Cauldron and leave the flag at home, or at least stick it in with the BG.

    Needs more Warriors to sacrifice.

    Some Dark Riders and/or Shades wouldn't hurt to go after war machines and disrupt the enemy.

    A Hydra wouldn't be out of place either.
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