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    2250 Dark Elf List Vs. Vampire Counts

    Im planning to have a 2250 match with a mate soon, his army is Vampire Count I was wondering how well this list I made would stand up to VC or any army:


    Dreadlord @ 274 Pts
    General; Sea Dragon Cloak; Shield
    Pendant of Khaeleth
    Armour of Eternal Servitude
    Crimson Death
    Cold One

    Sorceress @ 185 Pts
    Magic Level 2
    Sacrificial Dagger
    Dispel Scroll

    Sorceress @ 195 Pts
    Magic Level 2
    Tome of Furion
    Dispel Scroll
    Cold One

    Master @ 264 Pts
    Lance; Heavy Armour; Sea Dragon Cloak; Shield; Battle Standard
    Banner of Nagarythe
    Cold One


    10 Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen @ 110 Pts
    Rptr Crossbow; Light Armour; Shield

    14 Dark Elf Warriors @ 113 Pts
    Spear; Light Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician; Champion

    15 Black Ark Corsairs @ 200 Pts
    Frenzy; 2ndWeapon; Light Armour; Sea Dragon Cloak; Standard; Musician; Champion
    Sea Serpent Standard


    5 Cold One Knights @ 210 Pts
    Lance; Heavy Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician; Champion
    Standard of Slaughter
    Cold One

    15 Black Guard @ 326 Pts
    Halberd; Heavy Armour; Standard; Musician
    Standard of Hag Graef
    Kouran of the Black Guard

    1 War Hydra
    2 Beastmaster
    Beastmaster's Scourge

    1 Reaper Bolt Thrower
    2 Crew

    1 Reaper Bolt Thrower
    2 Crew


    Casting Pool: 6

    Dispel Pool: 4

    Models in Army: 72

    Total Army Cost: 2249


    The Sorceress with the Sacrificial Dagger goes in the 14 pack of Warriors.

    The Master BSB and the Dreadlord go in the pack of Cold One Knights.

    Please give me any comments, suggestions or improvements! this is my first 2250 Dark Elf list

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    Sorceress + Cold One = bad end. Stupidity is not your friend.

    Crimson Death uses 2 hands, so maybe pick up the Deathpiercer instead.

    Banner of Nagarythe seems like a bit much, I prefer the Hydra Banner on a mounted BSB.

    If you're going to sacrifice those warriors, don't bother with shields or command, a lordling is all you need.

    More RxBs would be handy.

    Corsairs are nasty against skellies/zombies/ghouls

    I'd bump up to 18 BG, ditch Kouran and add the Crimson Death.

    All in all, looks like a good set up. I'm not a huge fan of the COK Deathstar, I'd prefer your Lord in BSB in separate units to make them both solid.

    Wipe out one unit at a time with VC, they can't rez if they're all gone. He won't be closing any time soon, so munch his fast/hitty units like Black Knights, Varghulfs and Blood Knights then proceed to mulch his slow stuff.
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