Haven't played DEs in a while and have just got back into them... Looking at making a competitive list and this is what I have come up with thus far


Dreadlord - armour of eternal servitude, pendant of Kaloth, sheild, cloak, cold one, lance


Death Hag - BSB BoHG, rune of khaine, manbane

Sorceress - lvl 2 sac dagger, dispell scroll

Sorceress - lvl 2 darkstar cloak, dispell scroll


20 Spearmen, sheilds and full command

10 Crossbowmen, guildmaster

20 Corsairs, full command sea serpent banner

5 Dark Riders - crossbows, herald


15 executioners - full command

5 Cold one Knights - full command, null talisman


2 Reaper bolt throwers

1 War hydra

I am curious what people suggest for this list... the death hag goes with the exectutioners and with the dreadlord on cold one with the cold one knights and a war hydra give me something which can hit the enemy hard...

The crossbowmen and spearmen are there to protect the bolt throwers and sorceresses... while the corsairs are there to support anything which is needed as well as taking on standard enemy infantry.

Dark riders hassle war machines etc...

Those are my thoughts and I am curious though what more veteran DE players can suggest and recommend.