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    DARK ELVES 2250 tourney army!

    Yoyo, trying to put together a new dark elf army for an up coming local tourney so any feedback would be great.


    Deadlord w/ Ring of Darkness, Armour of Eternal Servitude, Whip of Agony, shield and Sea Dragon Cloack (249pts)

    Sorceress w/ Lvl 2 upgrade, dark steed and seal of ghrond (177pts)

    Sorceress w/ Darkstar Cloak and Dispell Scroll (155pts)

    Master w/ Cold One, Pearl of Infinite Bleakness, heavy armour, sea dragon cloak, halberd, BSB (162pts)


    22 Dark Elf Spearmen w/ full command and war banner (194pts) [master goes here]

    10 Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen w/ musician and shields (115pts)

    5 Harpies (55pts)

    5 Harpies (55pts)

    7 Dark Riders w/ repeater crossbows and musician (161pts) [Lvl 2 sorceress goes here]


    17 Black Guard w/ full command, banner of murder, Towermaster has Ring of Hotek(306pts)

    Cold One Chariot (100pts)

    6 Shades w/ great weapons (108pts)


    2 Repear Bolt Throwers (200pts)

    Hydra (175pts)

    TOTAL: 2212pts

    got a few points left to spare and i would really like to include a manticore but i dont know what to drop.

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    personally I think that 7 is a bit too big for dark riders especially if you have the sorceress joining.

    I would drop 1 unit of harpies and take two riders from the big group and grab three more for 2 groups of 5 dark riders.

    Other than that I like it.

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