Hello, just wanted to share a list I recently made. I dunno if it will work well, I'm going to try it out this weekend for the first time, it will also be my first time playing Dark Elves, but I've been playing WoC for about a year and a half now, so I'm pretty experienced in Warhammer. So, as the title says, it is a dragon list, just because I find dragons are fun, and I really want to convert a model like a Hungarian Horntail form Harry Potter, lol, which I find is an awesome dragon. You'll also notice it contains nothing most people are used to seeing, so no Black Guard, no Cauldron, no pendant, no ASF banner, no RoH, anyways, you'll see!


Dread Lord: Shield; Sea Drag. cloak; Dragon; Caledors Bane; Armour of Eternal Servitude; Seal of Ghrond @ 569 pts

Master: Armour of Darkness; Crimson Death @ 130 pts

Sorceress: Level 2; 2x Dispel Scrolls @ 185


23 Corsairs: FC; Sea Serpent Standard @ 280

10 Crossbowmen: Champ; Musician; Shields @ 120

5 Dark Riders: Crossbows; Musician; Herald @ 131


14 Executioners: FC @ 198

5 Cold One Knights: FC; Banner of Slaughter @ 210


War Hydra @ 175

So there is the list, comments, critics, tips on making it better (keeping with the theme)...