Hi, ive got a 1250 point game tomorrow against vampire counts and wanting to know what units i should take and with what banner/magic items i should use

Ive vsed him before and bet him but he now knows my tatics so i need some fresh ones also

The models i have are as follows.
16 Spearmen Full Command
16 Crossbowmen Full Command
10 Black Guard with a crappy paper banner i glued to a helberd
Master on foot (can sub on a cold one tho)
Cold one Chariot
2 Reaper Crossbows
5 Dark riders

Im thinking of using only 10 crossbowmen without command but will use everything else here, my main problem is what to give my master and what BSB standard i should use

Any comments, tatics questions?

He will most likley use
-Black Coach
-Corpse Cart
-That Hector/Lector vampire guy
-another vampire
-Undead riders
-2 units of skeles
-mabey ghouls

thanks in advance - i will also post how i went