Hey, Just made this list which i personally really like, Its kind of magic heavy.

-Extra Hand Weapon
-Rune Of Khaine
146 points

Sorceress (Level 2)
-Darkstar cloak -or- Focus Familiar
160 Points

Sorceress (Level 2)
-Dark steed
-Life Taker
-Tomb of Furion
192 Points

Master ( BSB )
-ASF Banner
-Heavy Armour
-Sea Dragon cloak
-Great Weapon
142 Points

Dark Riders ( 5 )
-Repeater Crossbows
122 Points
(Sorceress on Dark Steed goes here)

Dark Elf Warriors ( 16 )
-Full Command
111 Points

Repeater Crossbowmen ( 10 )
100 Points

Cold One Chariot
100 Points

Black Guard ( 15 )
-Full Command
-Ring of Hotek
255 Points
(Assassin + Master goes in here)

War Hydra
175 Points

Total 1503

What i'll be doing is running my dark riders around shooting and smashing them with magic and if i get the chanse get a flank charge and detach my sorceress for this.
Sorceress in this unit will be chillwinding archers as well.

My Black Guard unit will be baiting to get charged if im vsing faster oponenets and then use my assassin and ASF banner to supprise them and completly dominate them and persure hopefully closer to there other units to get into combat faster.

With my other sorceress she will be running around on her own causing general destruction and sticking close to the black guard unit for ring of hotek

My hydra will guard my guards flank and also run through forest (I think they dont get a neg please tell me if im wrong) and run for their archers / warmachines if any.

Warriors probally try and screen my guards from shooting/magic as best they can and ill probally drop the musician on them if i need to get rid of the 3 points. (They will be using sorceress' Ld anyways!)

Crossbowmen will go for anything that gets close enouth to be shot at.