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Thread: Warbands advice

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    Warbands advice

    this is the continuation of my warbands army. a friend and I have been playing every few weeks for almost a year, the idea is we start with a 200 pt warband and every time we increase by 25 pts plus the points for a win/loss/tie/massacre... recently his goblins and my vampire counts havn't done so good so we agreed as we both play 4 armies and rotate them that to bring them up as high points level as the other warbands we both have we'd add 100 points to bolster them up. I play wood elves, dark elves, vampire counts, and lizardmen. he plays empire, chaos (warriors), gobbos, and dwarves. now as we've hit the '500 pt limit' we're going to keep on playing them up to 1000 pt armies and maybe farther with the idea that between 500 and 1000 points you need to create full ranks ect like you were going to make a 1000 pt army but you don't need units of 10 until you hit 1000 points. also we've decided you can have up to 3 characters for a maximum point value of 300 pts total instead of the 1-2 characters and only 150 pts.

    that said I need to find a way to not just get crushed again now that I have the points to play around with. his chaos and empire have magic, and his empire and dwarves have a fair arsenal of guns and bows. his empire have two untis of 2 knights and a wizard mounted, the goblins army is almost all mounted (spider riders and wold riders) but he'll be adding 100 points likely into a wizard from what I gather as his general/wizard died and he rolled double ones so he's kaputnik for the next game and needs to be replaced.

    Master w/ cold one, sea dragon cloak, heavy armour, shield, lance
    Lifetaker: three str 4 shots each turn
    Trickster w/ Even the odds, Pick Fights


    DARK RIDERS x 2 veteran status 1


    Cold One Knights x 4


    LVL 2, Tome of Furion +1 spell (3 spells)
    Magician with enhancer

    TOTAL =552PTS XP = 7 PTS

    just added the sorceress for the next game

    Last edited by Marius Nightbreeze; June 22nd, 2009 at 12:51.
    Army-Win-Loss-Draw-Massacre/Dark Elves-18-2-0-15/Wood Elves-3-1-0-1/Lizardmen-2-2-0-1/Vampire Counts-2-3-1-1

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    edit your post to take out the stats and point costs, its against the rules
    "I am the architect of fate!"

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