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    1500 tourney combat or magic

    About tourney
    This sunday I'm entering a 1500pt small tournament. 3 battles will be played:

    Magic flux
    In your magic phase your opponent may choose to; take 1 of your PD and use it as 1DD for him to use or; +1 on his dispell attempts.

    An extra model is added with a statline and he may not join units. At start of game your opponent may select a unit from which you have to reveal all magic items. Extra 150VP for: keeping the traitor alive; killing enemy traitor; get traitor to the enemy deployment.

    Pitched battle
    Normal battle

    My list
    I'm unsure if I should take my magic list or my combat list. I'll post both and hopefully with your input I can make a decision :p And please leave comments if you have them about my lists

    Combat list:
    Death Hag; Cauldron of Blood, general @ 200
    Master; BSB, Blood Armour, GW, SH, SDC, Pendent of Khaeleth @ 165

    20 Warriors; Standard, Champion @ 129
    14 Corsairs; Standard, Sea Serpent Standard @ 175
    5 Dark Riders @ 85
    5 Harpies @ 55
    5 Harpies @ 55

    5 Cold One Knights @ 135
    5 Shades; Great Weapons @ 90
    14 Black Guards; Standard, Standard of Hag Ghraef @ 231

    1 War Hydra @ 175

    1498 Total

    Sorceress; Level 2, Dark Pegasus, Focus Familiar, Power Stone @ 230
    Sorceress; Level 2, Dark Steed, Darkstar Cloak, Dispell Scroll @ 197
    Sorceress; Level 2, Sacrificial Dagger @ 160

    14 Crossbowmen; Shields, Musician, Champion @ 179
    5 Dark Riders; Repeater Crossbows @ 110
    5 Dark Riders; Repeater Crossbows @ 110
    5 Harpies @ 55
    5 Harpies @ 55

    1 Cold One Chariot @ 100
    1 Cold One Chariot @ 100

    2 Reaper Bolt Throwers @ 200

    1496 Total


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    I would say combine the two lists. take all sorceress on dark steeds with the two chariots and cold one riders and dark riders with x-bows and hydra. your magic will whittle their units down and your chariots and hydra and cold ones will run them over. plus you could still run harpies for war machine take out

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