I'm new to this forum and i'm going to start collecting a Dark Elves army i wonder what you guys think about my army list.

Lords and Heroes
150pts Master: heavy armour, shield, sea dragon cloak, heartseeker, bsb, 1x

180ptsSorceress: level 2 wizard, tome of furion, seal of ghrond 1x

100pts Dark Elf Crossbowmen: 10x

81pts Dark Elf Warriors: musician, standard 12x

85pts Dark Riders: 5x

150pts Executioners: full command 10x

190pts Cold One Knights: full command, pearl of infinite blackness 5x

383pts Black Guard: full command, champion= Kouron, banner of murder 20x

345pts Black Guard: full command, standard of hag graef 20x

350pts War Hydra 2x

Total: 2014pts

My opponet's army's are Orcs_Goblins and Warriors of Chaos (i know i live in a small village and there's only me and my buddy that plays Warhammer, that i now of). The tactics are to line up the Crossbowmen in the centre with Kouran and one unit of Black Guard one of the sides the other unit of Black Guard and BSB will go on the other side. Hydras together on one flank and the other is protected by Cold One Knights. The unit of Dark Riders, Executioners and Spearmen will set up so they can help flank Black Guards foes, Executioners will go killing big monsters (if there is some). If my friend has brought a shooting army i'll deploy Spearmen, Cold One Knights and Dark Riders infront of Black Guard and Executiones. I apologize for my spelling mistakes (i come from Sweden annd i'm only 14 years old) and any other army miscalculations. I don't really now what to remove to bring it down to 2000pts any suggestion aout the army list is greatly appreciated.