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    First 2250 list, new to WHFB

    Hey all,

    I got the majority of these models from a trade & selling a 40k army and have yet to play any FB games but will start next week. My opponent will also be new to FB and playing VC. Here's what I'm thinking of using:

    Malus Darkblade = 275
    5 Cold one knights - musician and standard w banner of murder = 174
    Master - BSB , Cold one, heavy armor, shield = 131

    Master - heartseeker, blood armor = 134
    20 Corsair - musician, standard w frenzy banner = 240

    Sorceress - rank 2, sacrificial dagger, dispel scroll = 185
    19 Warriors - spears = 114

    Sorceress - rank 2, darkstar cloak, dispel scroll = 185
    14 Black Guard - full command, crimsom death, ASF banner = 277

    16 Warriors - repeater crossbow = 160

    2 Bolt Throwers = 200

    War Hydra = 175

    This comes to 2250 exactly, but I would like to maybe add some magic weapons or more armor to my BSB master for more punch with the CoK? I'm not taking a ring of hotek because VC magic doesn't seem to do direct damage that much so I don't think it would be worth taking.

    I do have some other units for selection though:
    1 other sorceress on foot (no units to attach to?)
    2 mounted sorceresses, 1 with cold one, 1 with dark steed (not sure where to put these)
    1 lord on manticore (maybe too expensive at this level?)
    1 bolt thrower
    20 executioners - two groups of 10 with full command in each
    2 assassins

    Would any of the above be worth swapping into the list? They all seem to be very heavy hitters and anti armor rather than anti swarm which is why I haven't considered them as much with VC's masses of cheap units. I know he currently has 2 vampires and 1 necro; does my list have enough to take them down?


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    Hey there nice list.

    Firstly, you can only take 4 characters at this point level. I would drop one of your heroes for an assasin with rune of khaine and 2 hand weapons for taking down his ranks of zombies.
    Unless i am mistaken, all characters must be placed in the front rank of units, so your sorceresses will be more vulnerable.
    I would drop the crossbowmen down to 10
    With the extra points, you could buy some armour for your BSB

    Other than that nice list.

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    Pretty good list but youre point cost will actually qual 2136 so you have some more points to play with. You might want to buy a corsair squad and an assain and hid the assasin in the corsair squad. The corsair squad can easily take enymy fir and charges and if you give 2 hand weapons and sea serpent banner hey will have 3 attacks base and even though the enmy charged you and attacks first i'm sure youre corsais will finish them off quickly. Th assain will help you also because you can issue a challenge and most likely kill the leader. There are some items such as rune of khaine and dark venom that are a must.

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