Looking for advice or suggestions on the army list below for a 500pt friendly game against Orcs & Gobbos using the Border Patrol rules.

The Border Patrol rules are:

1. Must have a single hero to lead - can't be an army standard bearer.
2. At least one core unit
3. At least 1 infantry unit of 10+ models
4. No unit larger than 25 models
5. No unit can carry a magical standard
6. No single model can cost more than 125pt
7. Only 1 rare OR 1 special unit
8. Only 1 chariot OR 1 war machine.

The current army is:

Corsairs with Reaver and Standard Bearer
Repeater Crossbowmen + Guardmaster, Musician and Standard Bearer
Master + Additional Hand Weapon and Heavy Armour, Shield & Sea Dragon Cloak

Total: 500pts exactly.