Question: Give your comments on the list below, please! All usuful comments are welcome!

UNIT 1: 621
-20Black Guard: (Musician; Standard Bearer with Standard of Hag Graef, Kouran) 391
-Lord: (Crimson death; Armour of Darkness; Ring of Darkness) 230

(Protected from shooting by Ring of darkness; Always strike first by SHG; Unbreakable by Kouran. I think this unit should give a good punch!)

UNIT 2: 456
-33 Warriors: (Shield; Lordling; Musician; Standard bearer with War banner) 271
-Sorceress: (Level 2; Sacrificial dagger; Dispel Scroll) 185

(Sorceress can drain power dice from the warrior cause of the dagger. I think 25 warriors will be enough not to thin the unit cause of the magic.)

UNIT 3: 723
-8 Cold one Knight: (Dread knight with Ring of Hotek; Musician Standard bearer with Banner of murder) 306
-Sorceress: (Cold one; level 2; Focus Familiar; Dispel Scroll) 205
-Master: (Heavy armour; Sea dragon cloak; cold one; lance; Battle Standard Bearer with Hydra banner) 212

(They should be able to punch away the unit they charge. All +1 attack on charge + Armour piercing. Sorceress is able to cast away spells in CC cause of the focus familiar. I'm wondering, should i put her on second row? So she won't get hurt in CC either?)

UNIT 4 + 5: 200
-10 Repeater Crossbowmen 100
-10 Repeater Crossbowmen 100

UNIT 6: 200
-2 Repeater Bolt throwers 200

UNIT 7: 295
-20 Executioners: (draich master; musician; standard bearer with war banner) 295

TOTAL: 2495