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    2000pt DE Aggressive Army Attempt?

    Ok so here's my attempt at making a 2000 pt dark elf army that can hold its own. I'm fairly new to this game so any comments or suggestions are greatly welcomed.

    Core *i have two options for this section*

    Assassin+AHW+ToD+RoK+Black Lotus


    Witch Elves-20+FC+Banner of Murder+Witchbrew

    Bolt Thrower-2


    Dreadlord+AHW+HA+SDC+Dark Steed+Ring of Darkness+AoES+Deathpiercer

    Master+AHW+HA+SDC+Cold One Chariot+Chillblade

    Thats it. Now, Im aware that i dont have any magic defense and i dont plan on putting any in, since i wouldnt use this army against a heavy casting army anyway. As for the core, im not sure which to pick. I like the idea of an assassin but i also like being able to pick off the enemy before they reach me =). I wanted to try something different with the executioners and killing blow, as i usually use ASF Black Guard.

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    Ok ok you do no one of the core selections is illegal? U need 3. Also corsairs are really not worth 10 points they never pull there wait EVA. Spearman are great for their points. Repeater crossbowmen can lay covering fire while u advance. Dark riders might workwell as there fast!

    Witch elves? Seriously? U no there wearing no armour? And there S3 u no the makings for a really lame unit. Executioners are ftw Considered black guard? There immune to Pysh and stubbon! Thats amazing IMO

    U need to take at least a single scroll caddie otherwise a mere 4 lvls of magic will spell the end of u.

    If ur gonna have a master make him a bsb and dump him with ur foot guys OR u can keep him how he is but if u do this he will need another chariot for back up

    Take some shades if there are any points left =P with GWs there almost to good not to have!

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    Your army isn't very fast. Slower Dark Elf armies are usually much more dependent on magic and shooting than this list would be. Why not use three units of crossbowmen with shields instead of corsairs? They have good shooting AND can hold their own in SCR. It isn't normally cost-effective but it might work for you.

    Is there a reason you want to avoid magic? The Lore of Dark Magic is both offensive and defensive, and our Sorcs are not pricey. Just a pair of Lvl 1 Sorcs, no equipment would really help the list.

    I recommend choosing either Witch Elves or Executioners, not both. The main reason is that you'll need to screen their advance, otherwise you'll probably take too many casualties. The secondary reason is that, in practice, they're largely redundant in my opinion.

    The Dreadlord configuration is not going to work. He needs to be in a unit of cavalry, otherwise he's an overpriced torpedo. The chariot is the way to be cavalry without a cavalry unit. I'd put the Dreadlord in the chariot and turn the Master into a Battle Standard Bearer...or drop one of them for sorceresses.
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    You might aswell save some points and drop the AHWs from your characters as you have given them magical weapons anyway so can benifit from the extra attack, also you cant use AHWs when mounted anyway.

    For your Lord alone i think a unit of Cold One Knights or Black Guard are essential to keep him alive. Depending on who you play against there are alot of lone character killers running about to put an end to your general, and a chariot is far from the best form of transport for him. Tool him up with AoES, Pendant of Kaleth and Crimson Death, get him a sea dragon cloak and a mount for a 3-2+ save (depending on mount), regen, and then an amazing ward. after all that he's always hitting at S6, a solid lord choice.

    As for your master, make him BSB, Standard of Slaughter is good, otherwise give him the 1+ armour and Soul Render on foot.

    Out of your two core options id take the first choice simply as its the only leagal one, (you need 3 core at 2000pts). but if taking an assasin i think AHW, Rending Stars and Manbane is a cheap and very effective alternative to your build.

    With 2 infantry units as special already, maybe consider 2 units of Xbows with shields to sit by your bolt throwers and just one unit of corsairs? or two cheap units of 10-12 corsairs to use on the flanks to sit and guard, or to use as flanking units into a combat. both ways saves you some points.

    Executioners maybe consider running them in ranks 6 wide, possibly with the Std of Hag Graef. IMO they are very frail even as an elite unit when compared to Black Guard but they are better than Witch Elves.

    Witch elves are realy a point sink in an army without a cauldron to give them a ward save. Drop them as sugested for maybe Black Gaurd, or get some more flexibility in your force with another hero or a unit of cold ones. Maybe a small unit of harpies to deal with war machines, march block, steal objectives, or screen adavances of other units.

    If you opt for black guard give the unit champion Ring of hotek for some Uber magic deffence.

    Your rare choices seem solid.

    These are changes i would make but each to their own.

    Hope it helps a little.

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