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    DE 2000pt Balanced Need Help!!!

    I was trying to make a list that could perform strongly in the magic phase, and just as well in close combat. However, for some reason i feel that i need at least three sorceresses to be able to do anything in the magic phase, and i would rather spend points on a Dreadlord than a Supreme Sorceress to help buff my combat.

    Repeater Crossbowmen-15 + shields

    Corsairs-15 + FC + Banner of Murder

    Dark Riders-5 + Musician + RxB

    Assassin + AHW + RoK + DoD + Black Lotus

    Black Guard-15 + FC + Standard of Hag Graef + Crimson Death

    Executioners + FC

    Dreadlord + AHW + HA + Cloak of Hag Graef + Ring of Darkness + Heartseeker

    Sorceress Lvl 2 + Darkstar Cloak + Ring of Hotek

    Sorceress Lvl 2 + Tome of Furion + Staff of Sorcery

    Sorceress Lvl 2 + Seal of Ghrond

    Bolt Thrower

    Well my plan is basically to put the Dreadlord in the unit of Black Guard, where the Ring would protect them from shooting. I wanted the Corsairs to be in front of the Executioners so the Executioners could march with a kind of shooting protection in front of them. Are the RxBmen necessary? Should I have a chariot instead of one bolt thrower?I need ideas!!

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    Firstly i have tried all manner of DE lists and a balanced list is probably the hardest to come up with and get it to work, simply because you end up with points all over the place.

    If you wanted heavy magic i suggest taking a SS and 1-2 level 2s, with a Master BSB.

    In your choices you have at the moment, DROP RoH on that soceress (!!!). it affects your spell casting as much as an aponent. You will want at least 1 Dispel Srcoll in any list.

    Executioners may look pretty but unless your going temple of khaine theme with a cauldron drop them for somthing more substantial, even just spearmen.

    4 characters + and assasin is at least IMO overkill, especialy when you have the Assasin tooled up. either get rid of him or a character any get some more troops, somthing your list feels a little short on.

    I only take bolt throwers if i can take 2 of them so you can concentrate fire, teamed up with crossbowmen or some shades/darkriders pounding on the enemy at close range mass fire power works a treat.

    Chariots are very good if you are planning on an infanty army as they act as a big deterant to anyone wanting to get close to charge. once again though like bolt throwers, i find they work best in pairs as one just doesnt do enough damage and will often loose combat. 5 coldone knights will do you much better in the long run than a chariot.

    I think the core needs balancing out a bit. try and get 2 of one core type just to bind your tactics a little. at the moment you have stand back and shoot (RCB ), forward flee and regroup with little to make the most of failed enemy charges (DR) and a rather expensive unit that you intend on using for just a meat shield for your Executioners (C). it may seem nice and balanced but at the same time it seems a little all over the shop. get a solid unit of corsairs or spearmen to sit with your black guard and get flank charges with them, or hide an assasin in thier to bog down combats so the BG can flank charge.

    Maybe double up on your units of DR so you have 2 units of 5 as you have them tooled up.

    A hydra can be a real power play in armies like this. Amazing in combat, amazing breath weapon, 6 atacks from the beast masters with it... it can see of most enemy units by itself but with another unit you can try rolling up your enemies flanks.

    On your lord, should you take one, drop the cloak for somthing more useful as he will have to be picked out of a unit before it comes to effect.

    i hope these sugestions help you decided on any changes you may want to make to your list.
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